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Created To Be…What?!

….”but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.”

A companion and helper. That’s what we are to be!

If our husbands are the men they should be….my! They have a load to carry! And on top of all their responsibilities they are to love US “as Christ also love the church and gave himself for it”

And not to minimize the importance of OUR very important roles, but focusing a few lines on what we need to be for our husbands.

“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.”

Do you find it a joy to serve your husband? Maybe have a nice meal prepared when he comes home from a long day? Does he come home to complaining and nagging or is he trusting in your smile and encouraging words?

Do you love and respect him enough that you can be as Sara…”Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord.”

The house may not be perfect…the kids may be dirty, but we can make his homecoming pleasant by welcoming him! Our home….our spirit should be such that he just can’t wait to walk through the door!

We need to strive to be that “help meet”/companion that he needs and desires. A lot of husbands certainly fall short of THEIR role in the home, and if your husband falls into this category, I believe the relationship can be made better by just making sure you’re falling into YOUR role. Make the first move: “Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives.”

Certainly, God knows best. He had OUR best in mind when He gave us the “order of the home” in His Holy Word.

The happiest of homes are those falling into His special “order”.


On the Other Side of Change

If you had asked me twelve years ago if I would ever get married or have six kids, I would have given you a “Are you a creeper?” stare and promptly walked away. Twelve years ago I was as single as could be and never thought I could be wife or even a mom. To be honest, I was SCARED to death of getting married or being a mom. I mean, who you marry is a HUGE decision! Not to mention having children.

I never really gave thought to how many children, but after finally facing my fear of marriage by falling in love with my husband, I gave it serious thought. I was one of three girls, two of which were teenagers when I was born. My husband was one of – brace yourselves – NINE. So we compromised and said if God would give us seven that would be just peachy. Then we narrowed it down to six. But that’s a story for another time. Long story short, we are currently expecting our sixth child. We will be married twelve years in September. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I had stayed afraid of that change.

Change is scary. For me, even small changes can be wearisome. I think I have what the old southerners used to call a “weak constitution” or something. Maybe I just read that in a book or something. I digress.

Where were we…oh, change. Yes. Change. It’s scary. Sometimes we face big changes like marriage, or a new baby. In our churches we face pastoral changes. Building programs. New Sunday School classes. Every four years a change in government. Daily life brings fluctuating income and bills. Changing our grocery budget to fit growing or shrinking families. Every single day we are surrounded by change. We can either cower in fear or embrace it and “go with the flow.”

When you are facing change, it can be terrifying. We tend to back up and retreat to our comfort zone of what we know and are familiar with. We doubt that the change in front of us could be good. I mean, it very well may be downright awful! Or it could be the most awesome thing God has put across your path yet.

Recently our church went through a pastoral transition. Our founding pastor of forty-two years had retired and passed the mantle on to a young man who is but twenty-six. No doubt some people were probably very skeptical or fearful of this change. No doubt some said, “Nope. I like the way things are. I don’t want to change. I don’t want to learn how to follow a new pastor. Nope. Nope. Nope.” Then there were people like my husband and I who were excited about this. We loved our old pastor. We knew what he expected of us. We knew how he thought about things. We KNEW our pastor. But still, we voted for someone new. Yes, we know this young pastor and have known him for a long time. But did we know how he would lead when we voted? No. We prayed and voted how we felt God leading us. And you know what? We’re okay! Our church is okay! It’s growing slowly but surely! There is an excitement bubbling around. What if we’d all said no?

What about a new baby? I’ve always been nervous about routines and schedules when new babies come. It takes a while to get into a new swing of things doesn’t it? It’s never very fun, especially if you’ve other children to handle and care for. It’s never easy on Sunday morning to factor in another little body to dress and feed around Sunday church schedules. It can be downright terrifying to a new mom who loves this little one but isn’t sure how she can fit one more into an already tight schedule. But you know what? You’ve done it! We have done it! I’m getting ready to add another little one to our schedule in eleven weeks. I would be lying if I wasn’t nervous. I’d be lying if I said that this is old hat and no problem for me. However, there is one thing that helps me. Looking back on God’s faithfulness to me through every change.

I look back over my life and I see so many times God has put change in front of me and somehow, in some way, He has walked with me through it and helped me. Even when I was in tears and not sure how to get through some things, He was there to comfort me, to encourage me through His Word or one of His children, to guide me through the tough part.

I’m on the other side of a lot of change. A marriage, children, new pastor, job changes, income changes, loss of a parent, loss of friends, so many changes. All of those changes I wasn’t sure how I would come out of or how things would be on the other side of it, I’ve lived through. I survived. Some of them came with some “scars” but they all came with blessings. Yes, even the loss of my father brought some blessings. :)

I’m sorry I have no great Scripture passage to apply to this post but maybe Philippians 4:19 would do. “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” How does that apply, you ask? Well, once you step through a door of change you’re going to need something. Maybe it’s grace, mercy, finances, physical needs, spiritual needs. Whatever it is, you will need something. As a child of God, He says He will supply whatever you need. Simple as that! If He promises to do that, why do we hesitate to accept the change He brings our way, good or bad? Don’t be afraid. Jesus is with you. He promised to never leave you nor forsake you. That change you’re facing, that big scary change, it’s going to be okay. Maybe right now, or maybe not. But it will be okay. Because God said it would be. So pray about it. Make the decision God would have you make and open that door. Once you’re on the other side you’ll look back and wonder what in the world you were ever scared of in the first place.

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Good News From a Far Country!



“As cold waters are to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.” (Proverbs 25:25)  As missionaries for several years my husband and I would often use this verse to explain how encouraging it is for a missionary to hear from those that are praying for them. When you are far away “home”, it is a far country.  In the same way that cold waters are to our thirsty souls, it is so totally refreshing to get a card, e-mail, and any other communication from “home”. This says: “I am thinking of you and praying for you.”

Sadly, many times out of sight is also out of mind. It is not that we mean to forget the missionaries. It is just that life is an amazing flash of busy things each and every day. As churches and individuals, we financially give and pray for those God has called to serve Him in other places. But, many times we neglect to encourage them emotionally. So many, many times at just the times I needed it most, the Lord would often send encouragement in small ways. What a wonderful blessing to have your heart uplifted, and your steps a little less plodding because  someone on the other side of the world thought of you and cared.  It is really always the small things after all!

But how can we begin to bless those we love that are so far away?

1. Snail mail as it is now called and formerly known as cards and letters still work! Just buy yourself a page of international stamps. They cost around ninety-three cents each. Yes, it is a little investment but, oh, what a blessing! Once you get going you will just want to keep at it.

2. Birthday and anniversary cards are pleasant surprises. Do you know the birthdays and anniversaries of your missionaries? It is usually located on their prayer card. What a joy to know that someone remembered and you have been a part in encouraging your missionary. Your kids will enjoy sending their friends card and notes too. This is a wonderful homeschool project as well.

3. E-mails and Facebook messages are fast and easy ways to send an encouraging word to someone as well. Just one short line to someone could make their entire day.

4. You can send packages as well (usually small ones are best). It can be quite expensive but the joy far outweighs the sacrifice and it sure makes my mother heart feel better to send small things to our grandchildren. It would be important to find out from your missionary how getting packages works in their country, as each country has its  own standards.

There are two kinds of packages that can be sent. The first is the easiest because you do not have to fill out a customs form. All you need is a yellow envelope; however, only printed matter can go inside. I am always on the lookout for little things that are flat that will bring smiles on the other side of the world, such as small coloring book, stickers, little bookmarks etc. The second package is for other goods which are packed in a small box or large envelope. In mailing these goods, you will need fill out a customs form stating the exact contents of what you are sending.

Remembering your missionaries in these ways is truly good news from a far country. There is something in your heart that is so contented when you have encouraged a fellow soldier with cold water.


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