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We just got new bunk beds for our boys’ room. We have had sheets and blankets just waiting for this occasion! We cleaned their room, and even vacuumed (I mean, even in the corners)! Their room looks spiffy! It won’t last, so I took pictures!

Right now, the boys are so glad to have their room clean. They love to play in there. They have even been putting their pajamas back in their drawers withOUT being told. They’re enjoying it being clean.

Eva wandered in there the other day. As she toddled back through the hallway, I knew what was coming soon. In a couple minutes, Jackson yelled, “No, Eva!” {Door slam!}

I walked down the hallway to my crying toddler and saw that she had been evicted! The boys didn’t want to bother with her, or the mess she would make! All she wanted was to be with them!

Do we ever evict God from our lives?

He is not going to make a mess, like a toddler. He will not scream or demand attention. Yet, we so often shut Him out of our decisions. We shut Him off from being our peace and our strength. We shut Him off from being our comfort and help.

Let’s keep the door open for Him!

❤ Joy

2 thoughts on “Evicted!

  1. well spoken!!
    {and it is wonderful to know that God wants in despite the mess. lol}

  2. OOO this is so great! Love you!

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