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the best way to love our children

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This post is adapted and edited from a previous post… on another blog.

my man… and our babies

I have long heard it proclaimed to men: “The best way to love your children is to love their mommy. and let them KNOW you love their mommy!” This obvious affection creates stability that children so desperately need.

This idea is rooted in Biblical truths, but for today I am simply going to relate personal experience.

And I am going to tip the tables and say it backwards: “The best way for ME [mommy] to love my children is to love their daddy; and make sure they KNOW it!”

 I must be INTENTIONAL about my love for him. 

I have come to notice that the more I devote my time, attention and even Bible study & prayer to simply loving my husband in the way he feels love [Biblically and through his love language], the nicer I am to my children when they are whiny and the more joy comes to me when doing the mundane–laundry, dishes, etc.

Happy Mommy = Happy home.

I have read so much recently about how loosing this focus can have exponential consequences in a relatively short amount of time {affairs, divorce, plain out awfulness!} that this post came back to my mind… and I just wanted to encourage each of us to remember: God’s pleasure is our goal; and keeping our husband first in our heart [you know what I mean!] and making sure he knows it and the children know it are a very BIG way to bring God glory! 

So, my goal today is to commit my mind to pleasing my children’s father {the LOVE of my life}; and whether or not the clothing actually gets put away, our home will be a happier place! [but I’m working on getting the laundry put away!!]

Do you know your husband’s love language? Use it to make him feel loved! 🙂

I pray these thoughts are encouraging to someone today!


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I am a woman who has been saved by God's grace and strives to serve Him. I am married to my best friend and we have 4 blessings that we are attempting to train up in serving our Lord also. I am daily learning what grace is, what it looks like, and how to live it in every area of my life. Becoming the lady the Lord created me to be is my life's goal... and my daily one is to simply do better than I did yesterday. You can also find me at and

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