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God Sees

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God Sees – (borrowed)

Mom, do you ever feel as though you are invisible, that nobody sees what you do?  Do you feel like your are unappreciated?
Mothers seem to be overlooked more than anyone else I know. You can be on the phone, and the hollering by a child starts. They don’t realize that you are even on the phone. All they know is that they need attention right now! Mop the floor and it never fails that the children will come in from outside, tracking in dirt. You keep the clothes washed and ironed, but never a thank you – just happy that they can come in and grab a clean set of clothes to put on.
Mothers spend their time raising their children, making sure they get what they need to have a healthy body. They keep their clothes clean so they will be presentable any place they may go. They make sure the children get enough rest so they are able to function the next day. They see to it that the homework is done daily. They take the children to the doctor when they are sick. I could go on and on about the job (yes, it is a job!) a Mother does daily. But, you get the picture. She is continually busy, and sometimes overlooked.  Some people even look down on the job of a Mother. Seems they think a woman has to have an outside job in order to be productive. But, a Mother has the hardest job on earth – to raise a child to be the best he/she can be, to honor his/her parents, to be a productive citizen in society, and to teach him/her about God.
The next time you feel like you are being overlooked, invisible, then remember God is watching. He sees everything you do. He knows to the extent that you have given your life to your children to make them into the person who will remember when they get older. I, for one, was the recipient. After my son moved from our house and was attending college, he called home one day. Seems he had run into a couple of his high school classmates. He wanted us to know that we had done an excellent job in training him up, or he might have become an alcoholic, a drug addict, or even a homeless person.  So, Mothers, don’t ever give up; GOD is always watching, and perhaps your child will soon realize how much you have meant to him, too.


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