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Scrubbin’ in the tub

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I just thought I’d share a pinterest wonder that has made my life a little easier!

The idea is to take one of those dish wands that you normally use in the kitchen, and use it on your shower!  I’ve always thought that I should clean the shower while I’m thinking about it (which is usually while I’m IN the shower), but I never liked the idea of using harsh cleaners that might get on my skin.

So, this method uses the dish wand with dawn + white vinegar…both are totally safe to the skin!  Now, I give my shower a quick scrub every couple of days, making my to-do list a little shorter.

Plus, it gives me an excuse to take a longer shower 🙂

Happy scrubbing!

One thought on “Scrubbin’ in the tub

  1. i seriously need to remember a scrubber next time i get out of the house !!! 🙂

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