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Blue Velvet!??


About two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about our venture of homeschooling. I had it saved as a draft and planned to post it on my scheduled day. However, the Lord is showing me so much on a daily basis, that I feel the “story” isn’t complete yet. I will save it for a later time. I’d just like to say that God is good…and we are homeschooling this year! So if we ever cross your mind, please whisper a little prayer for us as we embark on this homeschooling journey! One month in, and I (the teacher!) am learning SO much.


So anyways, onto my next subject…..Pinterest. Yep, I said Pinterest. Yep, I’m one of those. Yep, I have been known to let time get away from me and completely waste hours of my life that I will never get back. But, I can’t entirely say it hasn’t been worth it, lol.

It all started a few days ago, when I was browsing Pinterest. We (I) have been itching for some new couches. (or sofas, if you’re from the South) I found the perfect couch and loveseat set on Craigslist. It was beautiful. It was soft cream leather, with clean lines, and tufted backs. (Tufted!!) It was going to look perfect in our family room. But, even though my husband was on board and willing to let me spend the money, I could not do it. There is something that feels so wrong about paying hard earned money for something that our three boys are going to enjoy with us. And by the word “enjoy”, I mean mash food into, jump on, and use as a launching pad for all their sharp edged toys. Something inside me just knew it’s prettiness would not last long in our house. So…I hopped on Pinterest and began scouring for kid friendly and cute furniture options. What did I find? Velvet.

I looooove a pretty velvet sofa. However, my budget was more likely to buy a velvet pillow than a new velvet sofa. So, I went back to Craigslist and searched for vintage velvet! I found two matching blue velvet sofas straight out of the 50’s. (or 60’s, or 70’s, I really have no idea) Anyways, they were in perfect condition so we got them. I’m pretty sure my husband thought I had lost my mind, but I couldn’t resist. Plus, the price tag was a breath of fresh air compared to the leather beauties we almost took home. And who doesn’t love a good deal!? While these are most certainly not for everyone, (I’m sure I’ll be getting some interesting looks from friends and family about them) I am excited. I absolutely love taking something old and giving it new life. I love to think outside the box and let my creativity run wild. Sometimes my creativity gets away from me and it turns out being a huge flop, but I usually have fun trying on my way to failure.


Today, I’d like to challenge you to do something. Take a walk around your home. Lift the blinds, open the windows, and let some fresh air in. How long has it been since you have rearranged some furniture, or painted a room? Do you love coming home and walking through your front door? Does it feel like a haven or a place your family loves to be? Often we can change the mood in our homes so easily by letting the sunshine in, getting some fresh air, and sprucing up our surroundings. Put some fresh flowers on the table and play some beautiful music. These changes cost absolutely nothing, (or close to it) but can have such an impact on our moods!


Some are definitely more gifted at this than others….ahem….Leah Dickey. (whose house happens to look like it came straight out of a decor mag) But even if you are someone who has trouble getting ideas, that’s what Pinterest is for! 🙂


Let’s make our homes a place our children love to be. Let’s make it a place our husbands think about and look forward to coming home to. Of course, these things hardly register on the scale of importance when we are comparing them with other issues. But, a little sunshine and decorating never hurt anyone. 🙂




Titus 2:5

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”


5 thoughts on “Blue Velvet!??

  1. that is a wonderful story! And while i’m not a huge fan of velvet… i think those couches are pretty awesome. praying for your homeschooling adventures!

  2. Girl, I would totally LOVE the velvet couches! Love your post!

  3. Thanks for the cheerful post, Kelsey! It’s helpful to have pleasant surroundings – especially, when homeschooling! 😉

  4. Mmmm… are talking my language Kelsey!! I LOVE decorating! I just wished my wallet matched my tastes!:) I have already enlisted Jimmy this past week and he has already helped me start painting my dining room. I have more projects for him than he would like for me to have!:)
    There is a great little series of books about our homes and our senses. It takes the senses and gives ideas how to make changes in your home based on what you see, hear, smell and touch. I love those books!
    Great post!!

  5. I happened upon your post from a friend who had shared another post from this blog on Facebook. I, too, love Pinterest (and have wasted time there) and I, too, am new to homeschooling this year! 🙂 We started the first of August; my kids are 10 and 12 yrs old. I really like your velvet sofas. I came across some velvet pumpkins the other day online ( that are GORGEOUS! I’m going to bookmark your all’s blog. 🙂

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