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Strong Willed for Something Far Greater


God is so good in blessing us with our families. I am so thankful for the two boys God has given my husband & I to raise. To be perfectly honest though, some days can be very challenging.

My oldest son is very strong willed & that can be exhausting when you’re training & correcting more times in a day than you can count. : ) I think often of how God may use him someday. In those days that we work so diligently to help guide him in the right direction, I never want to loose sight that God can use his energy, enthusiasm & zeal for something beyond what I could ever imagine.

I think about how he could do something great for the Lord.  I also think about how God is even preparing his little heart now. What an encouragement & convicting thought to me – to know I need to be right in my own heart with the Lord so that I am not hindering what God is doing in his.

I think about his family that the Lord may bless him with someday. What a great husband & father he could be with all the zeal that he has! He could lead his home in a tremendous way for God’s glory with the energy & love that bubbles over in his life. He is such a people person & as his mother, I want to always encourage him to continue to love & help others more than caring about himself. It’s truly humbling to think that as a mother, I am helping prepare him for his wife & children someday – I’m raising him to be a good husband to his wife & daddy to his children.

So, don’t get discouraged dear friend – Remember God is doing something far greater in their little minds & hearts than we can fathom. We just need to be diligent in steering their energy in the right direction. : ) Isn’t it such a privilege & joy to be a mother & to know God is doing something so special, even now, in the hearts of our children!

Joyfully serving Him,



2 thoughts on “Strong Willed for Something Far Greater

  1. “With Eternity’s Values in View” and with our children’s futures in view… great thoughts, Rachel!

  2. Great reminders! We have a strong-willed one too. He is almost 5 now and it’s getting easier. He’s learning. Your attitude is so refreshing and encouraging. 🙂

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