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We just need a hem…




The fall season is now upon us and I’m loving every single moment of this beautiful time of the year.

It may be the chilly weather and beautiful changing leaves, or the smell of pumpkin candles and yummy apple treats! It all just makes me smile.

There is just something so nice about snuggling up by bonfires or relaxing outside and watching the colorful leaves falling softly to the ground. I just love being with my sweet family and taking in all of God’s goodness. The Autumn season is just such a breath of fresh air for me.

Just recently, I was pulling out our families cooler weather clothing and putting away our summertime clothes. I always enjoy changing out our closets as each new seasons approaches.

In the fall, I enjoy dressing my children in adorable little jeans and khakis with sweet little sweaters and snuggly jackets. I myself love my pea coats and sweaters worn with knee-length skirts and tall brown boots. They just seem make me happy. =)

A few weeks ago on a Saturday evening, I was laying out our Sunday morning Church clothes.

I learned a long time ago, preparation should begin the night before for a smoothly run morning.

Although, it seems the more children I have, the more it seems I’m throwing (my) outfit together last-minute just before jumping into bed. On this particular evening, I overlooked a small detail.

One by one that next morning, I helped the boys get ready and we were all off to the services.

After teaching my Sunday School class and on my way up to choir, I remember smoothing out my skirt when I noticed something… My entire hem had come out!

I giggled and pointed it out to one of the sweet ladies I attend Church with. I was a little upset because this was one of my most favorite skirts and the truth was, I wouldn’t be fixing this skirt anytime soon. The reason being mostly because, well; I just can’t sew!

Well maybe a button, but that’s about the extent of it. =)

I remember thinking to myself, I just wish I would have learned how to sew while growing up.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and our Church was preparing for our annual Tent Revival which we always hold every September. I always look so very forward to this revival and the work God does in my life.

It’s a time when I feel our Church can encouraged in the Lord and revived to go above and beyond what we have been doing and serve the Lord even greater. It’s always a sweet time for our Church when our hearts are touched in a great way.

This year was no different.

Night by night, the Holy Spirit moved among the crowd touching hearts and influencing lives. It was amazing.

But, it was the last night of revival that God really got a hold of my heart and spoke to me in a great way.

Brother George Griffis brought a message titled… We just need a hem.

I listened intently as he described and explained why we need this and I found myself very curious. I also thought it was funny how just a few weeks before I was thinking about this very same thing; my hem.

That evening our speaker shared with us just how we need a hem. (Him)

First he shared…

We must have a sharp needle. (The Bible)

This really spoke to me. I have never thought about these things before.

Gods word is our needle. Everything we need to know is found in the Word of God, but we can’t begin to have a good hem without a good needle. God’s word will begin a work in our lives if we are willing to open and read it.

The Bible is such a beautiful book and one that is full of History and His story.

It’s in this place where we learn that God loves us; that we are sinners and our sin must be paid for. And, Christ paid that sin for us. (John 3:16)  It’s all found there in the Bible, the precious Word of God.

Oh how grateful I am for this precious book in my life. And how grateful I am for Him.

If we need something hemmed, we need a good needle. We need Him and His Word.

This starts the beginning of a beautiful, wonderful piece of work.

Then Bro Griffis shared how…

We have to have the right thread. (The scarlet thread)

This resonated within my heart. Oh how thankful I am for the scarlet thread.

Jesus Christ paid for all our sins when He gave his life for us on Calvary. (Romans 5:8) He gave his life for ours.

He chose to forgive us of our sins and if we are willing, we can accept Him and know that Heaven is our home. (1 John 5:13)

What a blessing to know that Christ loved us so much to suffer in such a way that He gave His life so freely for ours.

That my friends is true love. He loves us.

Just like with sewing, you must have the right thread. If you do not have thread or the right thread, the garment in which you are sewing will not turn out properly.

We need to have this scarlet thread in our lives. For Christ shed his blood for us and we can accept Him and all HE did for us.

Once we are saved we can be used. And for us to be used… He shared,

We have to have the right material. (New garment- Salvation)

Wow, this is so true.

After we accept Christ, the Bible tells us we are a new creature in Christ. (2 Cor 5:17)

We are made new.

If you were to walk into a fabric store and select a roll of fabric off of the shelf, you do not expect to see torn or dirty fabric. You expect to see a fresh new piece of cloth.

Once we accept Christ, we are new.

Then, God can use us in a great and mighty way because He is in us and are His children.

We become this new garment once Christ comes into our hearts. Then He can do a work.

And finally He shared that…

We need a good seamstress. (Holy spirit)

This really spoke to me.

Just like any seamstress you take your clothing to, you want them to do a good job.

You probably do your homework and find a shop that has good reviews or maybe you’ve been recommended there by a friend who has been pleased with good work.

In our lives, we need a good seamstress as well.. This is the Holy spirit.

The Holy spirit will guide our hearts and speak to us. He will help us make good decisions and follow the Lord’s leading.

The Holy spirit (seamstress) works along with the Bible (needle) and Jesus Christ (thread) so that God can work on us (garment) and everything can be tied or hemmed together.

For it is without a hem (Him) life comes unraveled.

Do you know Him?

Is He a part of your life?

Are you letting God work in your life? Am I?

Oh how I strive to. Oh how I would love for my life to turn into a beautiful work for the Lord.

So that one day when I enter into Heaven I can hear those long-awaited words.. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. (Matthew 25:23)

That evening my heart was touched, I may not still know how to sew…

But, I do have a Him.

And He is all I need.

Much Love,


I’m so grateful to have shared how this message touched my heart and I’m praying it has touched yours tool. =) I would love to pray for you and ask God to help work in your lives as well. Please leave me your name and I will pray that God will work in our lives so that we may help to further the Gospel and the Kingdom of Heaven.

3 thoughts on “We just need a hem…

  1. That is a great analogy Natalie. Thanks for sharing with us what the Lord had laid on your heart.

  2. You’re very welcome. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. This was so well written and such a blessing – thank you!

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