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Covered With Prayer


Right before I go to bed,  I love going into my children’s room to check on them and make sure they are covered up and warm and resting peacefully.  Usually,  I find that the blankets have been kicked off and are now lying there beside them.  I then to proceed, as I am sure many mothers would, to pick the blanket up and cover them once again to protect them from the chill of the air.  After I tuck them in and pat their tiny little backs or kiss them on the forehead, I stand there for a moment to take in those precious moments that will one day soon become memories.  Just the other night as I was going through this process,  I was  reminded of  a song I heard a few years back and have loved it ever since.  It is entitled, “Covered By Prayer” written by Mrs. Epley.   It is such a beautiful reminder of how we should be praying for our children.  Just as we cover our children to protect them from the chilly air, we need to also be covering our children with prayer.  The lyrics read like this:

When you were very small, I’d slip into your room and cover you with blankets soft and warm,

protecting you from chilly air, I’d kiss my little baby there and wrap them around your tiny form.

But seasons come and seasons go, how quickly time does fly and the kiss I give to you now says goodbye.

No longer can I cover you to keep you from the cold, but I still have another way in prayer my hands I fold.

I’ve covered you with prayer against the coldness of the world.

Wherever you may go I hope you’ll always know, I’ve covered you with prayer.

God’s promises are true and He’s protecting you.

No matter where you are He’s there and I’m covering you with prayer . 

I was reading a book by Elizabeth George a while back and came across this quote and wrote it in my journal for future reference.  The quote reads: “There’s no more secure investment in the next generation than your prayers for your children.”  How true that is.  I know as a mother sometimes we are exhausted and we just pray, “God, please protect and take care of my children.”  God knows and see our hearts.

Here are a couple “helps” that may aid you in starting the wonderful journey in praying for your children:

~ A book that I found to be a  help was a book that Stormie Omartian has written entitled, “The Power of a Praying Parent“.  In her book, she has 30 chapters and each chapter focuses on a different area to pray for your child.

~ Another way of praying for your children would be to keep a prayer journal for each child.  You could have a spiral bound notebook for each child  with prayer requests and answers. Sometimes these could be the children’s prayer requests, but most of the time it will probably be a need you see in their life that you want to pray for, no matter how small they “seem”.   Over time, you will be able to look back over those prayer requests and see God’s answers to your prayers and His working in their lives.

I will admit I am not always faithful to pray for my children every day as I should.  And here of late, I have been convicted of praying for them specifically in areas.

~ One more help is, I have listed at the end, 12 specific ways in which we could pray for our children.  You could print them out (or type them out specifically according to your desires for your child) and then frame them and put them above your child’s bed and at prayer time each night,  include a specific request in your prayer.  (There are 12 so you could possibly do one a month).  It would be good for our children to hear us praying specifically for them in these areas.  Make sure your children hear you call their names out to God.  Teach your child to pray.

I do know that my Heavenly Father is watching over my children every moment and that brings me great peace.   I have found when I do pray for my children,  I am more patient with them and I see them more as God sees them.   Also, of course, I am praying that I grow as a parent as well.

So, however we decide to pray for our children,  let us be faithful in praying for our children. And just as a reminder from Elizabeth George:

“There’s no more secure investment in the next generation than your prayers for your children.” 

Heart-felt Prayers from your Loving Parents

1.) Receive and love Jesus as your Savior –  {John 3:16}

2.) Commit your life to make Jesus Lord and be filled with His Spirit

~  I pray God will guide you in His best way for you.  –  {Proverbs 3:5-6}

3.) Know the true and living God intimately and cherish and apply all His names

.  ~ I pray that you will desire to truly know your Heavenly Father.  –  {Psalm 9.10}

4.) Learn to pray and praise

~  I pray that God will put His praise in your heart and on your lips continually and lead you to be entirely dependent on Him for everything, so you will talk with God  about all things and give God the honor and glory that He deserves.  –  {Philippians 4:6}

5.) Know who you are in Christ

~  I pray that you will know how precious you are to God.  –  {Colossians 1:27}

6.) Be protected from the evil one by the blood of Jesus

~  By the blood of Jesus, bind the enemy from interfering with God’s perfect purposes in your life.  – {John 17:15}

7.) Receive the love of God the Father

~  Let you  know by experience how extravagantly and unconditionally God‘s love is for you.  –  {1 John 3:1}

8.) Love the Word of God

~  I pray that you will treasure God’s Word more than wealth. Teach you to love God’s Word and base your life on it as your standard of life.  –  {Psalm 119:127-130}

9.) Learn to hate sin and love holiness, righteousness, and the fear of the Lord

~  I pray that God will write His Word on your heart, so that you will choose the obedience of hating sin and loving God’s holiness.  –  {Psalm 119:9,11}

10.) Respect those in authority

~  I pray that you will submit to the authorities God has placed over you  as to God.  Let you understand that God has established a loving, wise covering for your good through  parents and others in authority.  Give you a joyful, grateful heart as you submit to God’s ordained authorities.  –  {Ephesians 6:1}

11.) Maintain your first-love devotion to Jesus

~  I pray that Jesus will be your first love. Give you a passion for Jesus. Cause you to love Him with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind. I pray that you will prize His affection above all else.  –  {Philippians 3.13-14}

12.) Find the Godly life partner that God is preparing, a mate who will complement you in your obedient walk with the Lord

~  I pray that in God’s timing, He will bring you  the life partner He has chosen for you. I trust that God is developing the character of Jesus in you. May your walk together with God be an undeniable testimony that God made you for each other. Make you and your mate a mighty witness for God.  Bless them with Your best.  –  {Proverbs 12:4, 31:10; Psalm 112:1-2}

4 thoughts on “Covered With Prayer

  1. Very good post, Jennifer! I will definitely be referencing this later. I have been convicted of this lately and your post is another reminder. Thank you!

  2. Your welcome, Joy! Glad it could be a blessing to you!

  3. Beautiful song. I was able to go to Faith Music Mission and hear part of the song. I appreciate you sharing!

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