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Don’t Forget to Be

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  Should I list all the things we women do? We wear the hats of wife, mommy, teacher, organizer, chauffer, cook, pianist, choir member, Sunday School Teacher.

Those are all boiled down into tasks. Things I need to “do.”

What about the things I need to “be?”

A Child of God – He deserves my time! I recently read Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. It was SO full! It encouraged me to the brim. I felt like my cup was running over as I read of how the Father wants my time. He doesn’t want me to “do.” He wants me to “be.”

A wife – often my husband gets left for the end of the day. The kids are in bed and I’m tired too. But he still needs me, in more ways than one. He needs my ears to listen. He needs my heart to hear and understand. He needs me to cheer on his ideas. He needs me to encourage him when he feels inadequate. I need to make sure I am not only “doing” his laundry, his food. I need to “be” his wife.

A mommy – this one is third on the list, but it takes the most time. There are so many things children need throughout the day. My temptation is to simply care for their physical needs and neglect their little spirits. Motherhood is full of so many things I have to “do” that I get overwhelmed about all the things I need to “be” for them.

I need to teach them God’s Word. I don’t’ think you have to sit down and extensively read the Bible to them daily. That’s too much for little attention spans! But things like Scripture Songs playing constantly, prayers for food, and simply explaining that God just provided this good deal! These things mold them! Yes, read the Bible to them! But live it in a balanced way! Don’t “do.”

The memories I have of my childhood, learning about God, are not of our family sitting around reading God’s Word (though we did that). I just watched my parents faithfully living the Christian life. There were definitely times we discussed spiritual things. But I mostly just watched them go to church ALL the time, serving in their church. I watched my Dad teach Sunday School. I watched him provide for us day in and day out. I watched my mom go over and put her arm around someone in the church and encourage them. I watched my parents have a great marriage! My childhood wasn’t full watching them “be,” not “do.” They walked more than they talked.

We have to “do” and we always will. {Who will put peanut butter on the kids’ sandwiches?}

I know what I remember from my childhood. I pray my children can say the same thing.

I want them to say, “My Mommy wasn’t busy “doing,” she was busy “being.”

❤ Joy


One thought on “Don’t Forget to Be

  1. Love this! If we focus on “being” then all the things that we need to be “doing” flow much more freely! Thanks for the reminder, Joy

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