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“She’s So Perfect!”…


Keep Calm and Rely on God

Do you ever have the feelings that you are failing greatly? Whether at motherhood, wifey-hood, friendship-hood…or any other ‘hood’ you may be a part of???;))

I do.

Do you ever  feel as though you are trying to keep it all together? All the time?…and still there are things to do, places to go, and people to please??

I do.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the tasks of being a loving wife, a capable mother, and a reliable friend?

I do.

I’ll never forget a few years ago when I was expecting our second child, Evan, and I was rushing to get to a college wives meeting that met monthly at Crown college. I had been having ‘one of those days’.

You know, when all you want is the kids to be happy, the house to be clean, dinner to be ‘Martha Stewart worthy’ and done just in time for your prince to come home!  Instead… everyone has been fussing, the house is a display of toys, books, and a fresh stain on the carpet…and dinner tastes like cardboard!!

I waddled my 8 months expecting self across the parking lot, into the Curtis Hudson building, and into a room of smiling sweet women. I smiled back at them, excited to be there, and eager to hear the speaker.

No one knew that I had been having ‘one of those days’…no one knew how desperately I needed the encouragement as I smiled back the tears. No one knew I wanted so badly to be a perfect wife, a perfect mommy, a perfect housekeeper, but feeling so defeated after losing my temper with my toddler, snapping at my husband, and lacking in the organization department….no one knew.

But the Lord did.

As the speaker was introduced and came forward, her sweet voice & tender smile were very familiar. Her name was, Mrs.Reese, and she was a wife of one of the college professors. She abounded in wisdom and was like the “aged woman” as spoken of in the Bible.

I don’t remember the title of her message, or everything she said…but I do remember the Lord speaking to me. In a still soft voice saying, “I am your perfect Savior & I know what you need.”

I remember the hot tears hitting my hands as I reached for a tissue as she said;

 “Mothers. Dear mothers. When you’re trying your best to accomplish all you have to do with your home & family…and you find yourself feeling so discouraged…and you find yourself sitting on the couch in tears sobbing, because you just can’t seem to do it all and ‘be’ it all…you know what I want you to do? I want you to look at the old Bible sitting in front of you on the coffee table. I want you to reach for it, and pick it up, and open it…and be fed. God knows what you need, and you need him… all the time.”

O how my heart broke! As I drove home through the dark winding roads of Tennessee that night, my heart cried out to God. “O Lord, please forgive me for not reaching out for you!” “Please forgive me for trying to ‘do it all’ and ‘be it all’ without you! Forgive me for trying to be perfect & not relying on the Perfect One.”

When I got home I waddled up the stairs and found Daniel…my makeup running at this point, tears streaming, and I remember him saying, “What is the matter? Did you hit another possum?”

(lol I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to animals, even nasty possums;)

“Noooo”…I muttered.

I began to tell him how sorry I was for snapping at him, and further explained what God had spoken to me about. He consoled me,  told me how much he loves me, and that it will all be ok. (I love that man. He has loved me at my best and my hormonal worst!;)

I have been reminded of this night in my life MANY times since. Especially this past year when I found myself surrounded by my 4 sweet boys ages 5 and UNDER. Busy days & sometimes sleepless  nights caring for four little people. Teaching & training them constantly can take it’s toll on me if I’m not consciously living in His presence. Totally dependent on Christ.

God has used what he did for me in that hour to remind me that I am NOT  perfect, nor do I have to be perfect…I just have to rely on Him!

Today, women face a lot of pressures to be ‘perfect’. Have a pinterest worthy home & a 5 course meal every night  from scratch are just a couple that come to mind…not to mention hows my figure lately? And do I look like a fashion queen with the latest trends on my feet?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pinterest (in fact, I’m kind of an addict;)  and I think it’s good to have a beautiful clean home for your family…and if you know me, you know I love to dress cute, but I have to remind myself “Who am I serving?” …the Lord? My family? Or the pressures of keeping up with being ‘perfect’??

Am I striving for the Proverbs 31 status to please the Savior, or the eyes of those around me??

So if you find yourself weary today by responsibilitiess of life, or the pressures to be “perfect”… may I please remind you to rely on Jesus!  Take the word “perfect expections” out of your vocabulary and replace it with “realisitic expectations”.

And in your moments of great weariness, run to the Savior, cling to His word!

He can sustain you because, “He’s So Perfect!”

Thanking Him for His rich blessings,


3 thoughts on ““She’s So Perfect!”…

  1. Thank you, Mrs. S, for this blessed encouragement today! So often I try to do things in my own strength…but I should be relying on Christ’s strength. It brought to mind the verse in Philippians that says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.” When we are weak, then is Christ strong! Thank you for sharing with us what the Lord has laid on your heart…such a blessing!

  2. This was the perfect post for this imperfect mother today! Thank you for sharing your heart and Mrs. Reese’s wisdom!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post…So many truths….It is all about God being Glorified!!

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