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My Adoption Testimony

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November is National Adoption Month and Sunday, November 4, is Orphan Sunday. I would like to share my personal testimony of how adoption has touched my life.

God’s plan is always perfect. Although we often doubt His divine purpose and plan, His way is always best. After about four years of marriage we were told it would be humanly impossible for us to have children. We walked out of the doctor’s office devastated that our hopes and dreams had been shattered. We prayed and sought the Lord for His leading during this trial. We realized it wasn’t that God was withholding something from us, but He had something much greater for us! We feel so privileged that God would choose us for this special opportunity. We had to walk through the pain, sorrow, and trials of infertility to receive the special blessing of adoption.

We began the adoption process March of 2011 through Bethany Christian Services. The Lord taught us to trust in Him as we signed paper after paper, completed our home study, and prayed He would lead us to the right birth mother’s profile. We finished our home study on June 10, 2011. On June 20 our profile was shown to the first birth mother, we were chosen on June 27, and by August 30 we were holding our precious son, Noah! For us the adoption process went very swiftly and smoothly. Although we can look back and say all of those events just very quickly lead us to our child there were still several days we just clung to the promises of God. We knew God had someone special for us, someone He had already chosen for our family. We had to learn to rest in His perfect plan for our lives.

We are thankful we were able to meet the birth mother and birth father before Noah’s birth. We had the privilege of staying at the hospital during Noah’s birth until we brought him home a couple of days later. The most difficult step of our adoption process was during the entrustment ceremony. As we hugged the birth mother and birth father and thanked them for trusting us with this precious life, our hearts were overwhelmed with emotions. We are grateful to the Lord for choosing us for the special joy of parenting Noah! We are blessed to have a semi-open adoption and a sweet relationship with Noah’s birth family. The Lord answered one of our prayers when we were able to introduce Noah’s birth mother to faith in Jesus Christ! The moment she professed Jesus as her Savior was truly a testimony of God’s providence and grace.

Adoption has deeply affected our lives in a variety of ways. Primarily it has given us a deeper appreciation of our spiritual adoption in Jesus Christ. It makes our salvation much more significant to think that God sacrificed His only Son so that He could adopt us into His family. Going through the adoption process has strengthened our faith in the Lord and stretched us in ways unimaginable.

It is my prayer that more Christians would obey the command of Christ found in  James 1:27, “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction” Some may be called to adopt, some may be able to financially help, but all can pray and should! I hope we will dedicate the upcoming month to ask God what He may want us to do for the many orphans around the world.

If you would like to know more of my story please go to “”


One thought on “My Adoption Testimony

  1. Precious, Anna! I enjoyed following your story through the whole process. You and Kevin were such a picture of grace, and it was so exciting to see God give Noah to your family. Thank you for sharing!

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