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But who will take care of Mommy?!


I’m sure many of you spend your days wiping noses, cleaning up messes, correcting behaviors, and much more.  There’s the laundry, the meals, the cleaning, the organizing, the shopping…so much goes into caring for a family!

Surely, I’m not the only one who crashes into bed at the end of the day, exhausted from meeting everyone else’s needs.  The thought of someone else meeting mine (I’m thinking a foot rub and a bowl of ice cream) occasionally crosses my mind.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  My husband is excellent at caring for me.  In fact, just the other day, he brought home a giant box of my all time favorite indulgence….Fudge Rounds–the really big ones, too!!  🙂

But, as much as Jonathan loves me and does his best to care for me and meet my needs, he will never fill the deepest ravines in my heart.  That’s a role he’s not meant to fill.

I was created to be more than a wife and mommy, though I cherish these facets of my life deeply.

I was created to be a daughter of the King.  I was made to be guided and tended by the Good Shepherd.  Jesus called Himself the Good Shepherd.  Have you ever thought about what that title means…the ins and outs of shepherding?

One of my favorite books is Philip Keller’s A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23.  If you haven’t read it, I can’t express to you how much you’ll enjoy it.  It’s a simple, but comprehensive look at our Savior’s diligent, loving care for us as His children.  I finished this book with a greater understanding of my favorite psalm and also a greater understanding of my precious Savior.  It made me fall more in love with Him.

Friend, if you are overwhelmed at the prospect of caring for everyone in your home, remember that you have One who cares far more for you than you may ever imagine!!  Rest in His care today!

With Love,


2 thoughts on “But who will take care of Mommy?!

  1. This was such a blessing, Heather! Thank you for sharing this! I DO feel like this…a lot, but God does care SO MUCH for me and I think this was such a beautiful reminder. Going to bed blessed by this. =)

  2. Our pastor just finished preaching a series on Psalm 23 using this book as a reference and it was SUCH a blessing to really see how much our Shepherd loves and cares for us. Thank you for your post. Such a great reminder!

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