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getting to church


or: how we get 4 children to church…

on time {most of the time. lol}

I realize I am not the most qualified person to be telling others about this, and I have read other blogs out there where similar stories are told, but this is something that I receive comments and questions about… regularly.

So, here is how we, my family and I, physically arrive at church on Sunday morning in time for every child to get to her own class and me to get to mine… before they begin!! {like stated before: most of the time!} I pray this is a help to someone! πŸ™‚


hung up waiting for morning

1. First, being at church, beginning with Sunday school, every Sunday– is non-negotiable.

It is not a “if we all get up in time” kind of activity. We have other times in which we’ve made those type of plans… Let’s go shopping if we can get ready by 9, etc. But church is NON-negotiable. That is how I was raised, so it’s not in my routine simply because I am married to a man on staff at our church. It is woven into the fabric of my being. And I want it woven into our children also. I have come to realize that the things that truly matter to me {especially in regards to my family}, I will make time for.

2. Since our oldest {now 8} was still very small, we have prepared our clothing for Sunday on Saturday evening.

I make sure the clothing we each plan to wear is picked out, pressed, and ready… along with the appropriate socks and finding matching shoes-VERY important in our house since shoes often become play things during the day. {I do not pick out my husband’s clothing, but I try to be sure he has a few different clean, ironed dress shirts from which to choose.}

Now, I only choose clothing for Corban {16 months}Β  and myself. The girls mostly do it for themselves, though I must approve. Sunday clothing are the only outfits I insist match and look “together.” School days, play dates, etc. my girls often choose stripes and polka-dots to wear together. πŸ™‚

While I do, on occasion, speak to them about what matching means and the fact that just because both items have red in them does not mean they match {lol}, I have found they enjoy expressing themselves through their favorite pieces of clothing. And I am OK with that. {to each her own :)}

3. Since we still have a baby, I try to prepare the diaper bag on Saturday-at least making sure their are a few diapers and a snack inside. We are working on the girls making sure their purses are ready, including knowing where their Bible is as well as any SS papers that need to be turned in.tascha~

4. I try to make myself stop and think about whether or not I have something to give someone-as I purge clothing too-small during laundry time, I put aside nicer things to bless another child in our church.

And if I am part of the special music, I make sure my music is in my church bag on Saturday evening.

5. I also try to think through what we are having for lunch… which is USUALLY a slow-cooker meal.

If I do not do this on Saturday, I am often frustrated with my options on Sunday morning. πŸ™‚



6. On Sunday morning, there is nothing on our agenda aside from eating breakfast and getting dressed.

We do not play with toys, turn on cartoons {or the news!}, read a book, etc.

The children get up, get dressed, brush teeth and hair, gather what is needed to walk out the door… and if there is time to spare, they may sit and look at a book or start to color a picture, etc.

{edited to add: We also turn on Godly music [usually an online church radio station] during this time. It stills minds and calms restlessness to have something in the background that is soothing.}


7. My goal is to walk out the door about 5-10 minutes before we HAVE to… to give us time for problems. πŸ™‚


So, that is what has worked for usΒ  for 8 years. We are rarely late arriving at church, and when we are, I can pinpoint at least one of the Saturday evening things that I put off to do Sunday morning. I always regret that! And obviously, even the best laid plans can go awry!

And to encourage those with several very small children, this is truly a time-saver.

When I had to dress 2 little ones with a 3rd on the way, it completely simplified getting ready to say: sit here with mommy and let’s put THESE clothes on.

And now! the two oldestΒ {8 & 5} completely dress themselves {except for zippers and ties-but they TRY!}!

The 4 year old can mostly gets dressed independently, but still wants my help… I try to be enthusiastic about doing it because I know this season will not last much longer with her.

I have a few very simple hair-dos for the girls’ hair that we simply dress-up with a bow or flower… if we have one that matches. πŸ™‚

My husband is such a wonderful man that he is usually able and willing to dress the little baby-man… and since I have chosen his clothing the night before, I know he will be wearing nice church clothes and not just whatever someone can find clean!

{blessings} Tascha


Author: tascha

I am a woman who has been saved by God's grace and strives to serve Him. I am married to my best friend and we have 4 blessings that we are attempting to train up in serving our Lord also. I am daily learning what grace is, what it looks like, and how to live it in every area of my life. Becoming the lady the Lord created me to be is my life's goal... and my daily one is to simply do better than I did yesterday. You can also find me at and

4 thoughts on “getting to church

  1. I hate to say it, but often Sunday’s are the most stressful day of the week, a far cry from the day of rest it’s supposed to be. Being on time to church being a huge stressful event. I feel like I need to make a choice. Who will look presentable? Me or the kids? It can’t be both.
    (and there have been a few Sunday’s were I was hiding in my coat wearing my pj shirt and high heels )

    • Hello YellowMae.
      thank you for taking the time to comment!
      I completely understand those frustrations. The Sundays I do not prepare on Saturday I have had similar thoughts. But when I do take the time to make these simple preparations on Saturday, I know that even *I* will have something presentable to wear—even if I have only 5 minutes to put it on!! πŸ™‚ Then there is no contest between myself and my children.
      I pray these ideas might be an encouragement to you to keep trying!! {and don’t forget to ask for the Lord’s help!}

  2. Obedience has a lot to do with it too. Like, if they will actually STAND there until you get them fully dressed, and being caught up on the laundry helps too. Also when visitors stop by on Saturday, that can get things sidetracked. But then, I was the chronically tardy girl in highschool. Children just make it harder. But thanks for reminding me not to make excuses. It CAN be done!

    • VERY true! Training obedience factors into it!
      And it is not something that just happens. It takes time. The first while after I started this, I would make excuses some weeks… thinking it didn’t really make a difference. I ended up frustrated on Sunday morning and with OUT a quiet spirit about me! πŸ™‚
      Now, after 8 years, getting ready Saturday is just a way of life. It also gives me a few hours to get something washed if necessary. Not all the laundry has to be clean on Sunday mornings!! lol just what your family is wearing to church πŸ˜‰ and it helps Sunday mornings go more smoothly.

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