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Welcome Home!

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We absolutely LOVE it when Daddy walks through the door after getting home from work. I came across this idea on Pinterest & thought it would be the perfect idea for our family. The Johnson family has a Nerf War tradition at Christmas time & I knew this would be a huge hit – anything that involves Nerf guns & ammo in a house full of boys is exciting.

I grabbed some streamer, tied it to the door knob on the outside, strung it up the stairs & around the banister & taped it beside the sign. When Dave came through the door, the streamer lead him to his instructions & the war began. Josiah, Micah & I were all hiding in top secret locations & ready to attack.

Before Dave came home, Josiah & I had a blast getting things ready for the big event. It was also hilarious watching & listening to Josiah hide & try to contain his excitement as we waited for Daddy to find us. We’ll definitely be doing this again in the near future – it was a fun time by all!

Happy Monday!


One thought on “Welcome Home!

  1. Great idea! Looks like a lot of fun:) Thanks for sharing!

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