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Don’t Forget

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How many times have we told ourselves to write down all those cute little things our children say or do?  Sometimes we are lucky if we get their first words jotted down in their baby book! J

When it comes to something cute or funny our child says or does, how many times do we say, “This is something I will never forget!”  only to forget it by the next week, month etc. and we find ourselves asking ourselves or our spouse, “What was the funny thing (your child) did?“

I thought I would take this time to encourage us as mothers to… write it down! All it takes is 30 seconds to capture a memory that will last forever!   You know that cute little thing that your little one always says that makes you laugh or that funny reaction they have  when are in the middle of doing something; write it down!

I know that I have loved, over the past few years, going back and reading again all about those times Ava has done something that I knew I would want to remember.  While I’m reading them, I often find myself saying, “Oh, I forgot about that!J   I am so glad that I had written it down because it brings back such sweet memories that would have been lost – all because I would have forgotten.

I also think to the future; this would be something special I could read with Ava and to my grandchildren about their mom someday!

I plan to do the same thing with Carson.  Although he is not talking a lot at the moment, I have captured memories via video.  There are things that our children do every day that when I stop and watch them, I think, this is something I want to remember one day.  For instance the other day, Carson was drinking some water out of his cup through a straw.  This was one of those moments I wanted to remember.  Strange you say? J   Well, for me, it wasn’t necessarily getting a video of him drinking through a straw  but rather to capture the sweetness of watching his cute little lips as they drank and as he stopped to get a breath before taking another long drink, and then watching his little eyebrows move as he took every sip and his little eyes just looking all around as he drank.

It’s these everyday things that I try to look deeper into and find those moments that will one day be made into precious memories.  So I guess, I would want to encourage you as moms to not let the everyday things slip by for it’s those things that make up our children and it’s those things we will want to look back on and remember our children by.

Just a thought:  if saving precious video clips, make a folder on your computer just for those moments captured and make one for each child and then for recording their sayings, make a journal however you would want to make it whether using a spiral notebook for each child or going all out and scrap booking an album or finding a happy medium like a pretty journal and entitling it something like this:

Words to Remember:

My Journal for Cherishing

(your child’s name)’s

Sweet and Amusing Sayings

Don’t let the memories be forgotten!


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