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Now, Honey……

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Mrs. Iva Mayton was the lady who first came to mind as we began this blog series. To me, she is one of the sweetest, most Godly ladies on earth.

I got acquainted with her as I began my young Christian life…I was saved at age 23…my husband was already called to preach. We attended all the revival services we could. Mrs. Iva was present at many places we attended. She would always give me a compliment on being a good mommy…always an encouraging word.

As I would experience struggles, problems, or disappointments, many times I found myself calling her for advice or prayer. Her first words were usually, “Now, Honey”…then she always had the right things to say to me to encourage me and lift my spirits.

She has a wonderful family and I’m sure they call her “blessed”. Her husband has gone on to be with our Lord, and I’m sure she anxiously awaits a great reunion some day.

For those you of who may not recognize her name…her daughter is Mrs. Sharon Booth…granddaughter, Anna Ruwersma.

I thank the Lord for all she has been for me in my life! Many times I don’t know what I would have done without her. I get to see her occasionally in Walmart 🙂 and she’s just as sweet as ever!



One thought on “Now, Honey……

  1. Oh that is so sweet – thank you for posting about Mamaw. She truly is a woman who seeks after God. She has been a great example to many, especially me. 🙂

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