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More than a Cup of Tea


Ann Tomlinson can walk into any room and immediately light it up with her quick sense of humor and contagious smile. I met Mrs. Tomlinson while my husband and I were living in England and doing short term missionary work. At one glance you may think of her as your typical British woman who speaks with a quaint accent and drinks a proper cup of tea. But my thoughts of Mrs. Tomlinson are far deeper and entirely more special. To me, she is not simply Mrs. Tomlinson, but she is my Nanny T. I have shared many sweet memories with her and she has her fingerprints on my heart forever. Although I could write many chapters about her influence upon my life, I will share a few qualities I deeply admire about my Nanny T.

Faithfulness: In a country that is walking away from God, Nanny T has walked with God and desires to serve Him every step of the way. I was able to work with her teaching the Bible in public schools, working in Sunday school, serving meals at the church, and cleaning the church building. She went about her work with a song in her heart and a kind word to encourage others. I know many times she may have been tired or not feeling well, but she made no excuses and carried on faithfully.

Compassion: At the heart of Nanny T’s life is a deep love for God and others. She spends countless hours having people over for a cup of tea or a meal to let them know she cares. One of the various examples of her compassion is the way she has taken so many of the Sunday school children under her care. I use to enjoy watching Nanny T as she took extra time gently explaining to each child what is expected and why. It is Nanny T’s desire that each child at church understands the gospel and accepts God’s gift of salvation.

Wisdom: I have shared my heart with Nanny T during some of the happiest days of my life, but also during deep heart ache. Her words were appropriate for each occasion and filled with wisdom. I am grateful for the time she invested in my life showing me how to work with British people and how to get into public schools and have a Bible Club. Often Nanny T works behind the scenes equipping others with the spiritual or emotional tools needed to accomplish a task. She brings each situation in view of eternity.

I’m thankful I have had Nanny T’s influence upon my life. Only God knows how her investment in my life will affect others for eternity. I hope next time you drink a cup of tea you will think of Nanny T and pray for God’s work in England.


2 thoughts on “More than a Cup of Tea

  1. Anna, Your post was a wonderful blessing–very well written and sweet. you will have to post it to Mrs. Tomlinson! Love,mom

  2. Precioius! I remember when we lived in MI, God sent me a very special lady to encourage me during very difficult times in my life! I love how God gives us exactly who we need to encourage us! I loved reading this. Thank you!

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