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Deputation has allowed us to see so many of our friend and family across the country.  We spent this past weekend with some very precious people.  My youth pastor from when I was growing up is now a pastor in the southeastern part of Ohio.  I was so excited to see them and meet their precious church on Sunday evening.

Curt and Pam Smith had a great part in my teen years.  Pam saw me through some awkward times.  She and her husband did an excellent job with our youth group.  They truly loved us and invested in us.  I was always so glad to be around them and their family.

This past Sunday night after dinner, Pastor Smith asked me what teen activities stood out to me the most.  I had to think for a minute before I answered.  Yes, there were a few activities that I remembered, but overall, the things that stood out to me were simple things, like singing in the nursing home with them, doing car washes, vacuuming carpets, eating Famous Amos cookies, stopping at McDonald’s for French Vanilla cappuccino’s, eating raw spaghetti with their kids.  I remembered all those times they asked me how I was doing, and really wanted to hear the answer.  I knew they were praying for me, and they were always there to listen when I needed to talk.

It wasn’t the flash and flare that I remember from 10 years ago.  It was just life.  Just them sharing their lives with us.  Pam used to take me with her to clean an office building and I always enjoyed talking with her about anything and everything.  She always listened and encouraged me.  She shared her time and energy with me.  She wasn’t afraid to let me see the “real” her.  Maybe we feel like people shouldn’t see areas of our life because we’re afraid they’ll learn we aren’t perfect.  I say, let them in!  Let them see that you are real, and you have bad days, but that you look to Christ to see you through them.  Let them see your life.  Share your life with them, just like Pam did with me.

That’s what they’ll remember.


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