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Living to Give

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women of faith who have influenced our lives

My Aunt Ruth has been one of the most influential ladies in my life. She is the most caring, compassionate & selfless person I know.

Through the years, I’ve watched as she’s met everyone else’s needs before her own ~ making sure other family members, friends, even people at work had what they have needed first. She has set such an amazing example for me in demonstrating how life is not all about us but serving the Lord & serving others. She is a lady that really ‘lives to give’ ~ giving not along of her resources but her time & energy.

This past summer, I had the privilege of going to Bristol to make my cousin’s wedding cake. The wedding was beautiful & such a sweet ceremony but behind everything, my Aunt was doing what she’s always done best in making sure people there were comfortable & had what they needed.

Before we jumped on the road that day, to head north for our trip back home, Aunt Ruth was busy in the kitchen getting boxes & ice ready for our food so we would have something delicious to eat on the road. As we traveled back, I spent time thinking about how, on her daughter’s wedding day, Aunt Ruth was still using all of her energy & time to be a blessing to all that attended the wedding.

What a great example she has been for me ~ her consistency through all these years, her love for others, & her sweet spirit in giving of herself so others’ needs will be met.  
Joyfully serving Him,



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