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More is Caught then Taught

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When I think of a woman, other than my mother, who has influenced me in my life, I think  of a woman who I looked up to and admired during my teen years.  Her name is Sue Dorsey.  She was the Kindergarten school teacher at the Christian school I attended, my Girl’s Ensemble teacher and the choir director in our church.

She was always such a proper lady with such a caring spirit yet she knew how to laugh and have fun.  I always admired her faithfulness.  She took her choir  ministry in the church seriously because of Who we were doing it for, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Before practice each Sunday, I can remember her praying the we would sing with a “holy boldness”.  She always wanted the Lord to be glorified in what she did.  She was always so organized and prompt; (and she liked for us to be too! 🙂 )

The Bible talks of the aged women teaching the younger women  (through example and with words).  I did not realize at the time how much I was learning from just observing.  Many things in our lives are “caught” rather than “taught”.  I  am thankful to the Lord for putting Mrs. Sue Dorsey in my life as a continuing example of faithfulness.  I go back to visit my home church where I grew up and I find her still in her place.

It is such a sweet thing to me to see such faithfulness in the life of a woman to her Lord.  She has encouraged me to do the same because there may be a young girl somewhere out there watching my life.  I pray to be that Godly influence to her.

                                                               With much love and a grateful heart,



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