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Women of Influence

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I have chosen two women who have influenced me in my christian walk.  I have chosen two women who are older than I am and who I think exemplify the Titus 2 woman.  I think it is important for the “older women” to teach those who are younger.  I think this is something we are lacking in our modern day society.

The first woman that I think of is Tami Neal.  She was my Pastor’s wife for three years (until they and we moved) and has been a friend and a “mother in the faith” for many years.  She is a great testimony of a woman who trusts the Lord, even when she doesn’t understand his plan!  Her faith is an encouragement to me.

She is also a true keeper at home who loves her children and husband, as mentioned in Titus 2.  She sets a good example of a godly wife and mother.  She loves and honors her husband.  She opens her home to others and really has the gift of hospitality.  She has watched my children for me on many occasions and she always makes their time so fun and enjoyable.  She is very creative and has a way of making children feel so loved.

She has been homeschooling for probably 30 years and I’m blessed to see her faithfulness.  She has probably influenced me more than anyone else in the area of raising my kids for the Lord.  God has used her greatly in influencing me to homeschool my own children.  If I ever need advice, she is always there.  Her advice is always from a biblical point of view, too.   Thank you Ms. Tami for your godly example!

My mother-n-law, Gerri Johnson, is also a godly woman of influence.  She has served with her husband on the mission field of Brazil for 38 years.  I don’t know her as well as I would like to because we only see each other every few years, but I admire her faithfulness in serving the Lord all these years.

She has influenced me the most by raising a wonderful son who loves the Lord and is a great husband.  All 5 of her children are faithfully serving the Lord and that to me means that she was a woman of great influence to her children.

The one thing that sticks out to me about my mother-n-law is that I have never heard her criticize anyone.  She really has a meek and quiet spirit.  I’ve never heard her complain.  Thank you Gerri for being a godly example.

Dema Johnson

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