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Christmas Memories… and a Giveaway!


Okay, at the end of this post, you can comment to enter to win our amazing giveaway prizes! If you want to know what the prizes are, click here.

Christmas is quickly approaching! I can’t believe how fast!

It’s the time for parties, baking, buying, wrapping, Christmas movies and so many fun times!

I want to share one amazing Christmas memory with you today, then I’d love to hear yours!

Several years ago, probably only our 3rd married Christmas, my husband and I were extremely tight in our budget! (Actually, there was no budget) We were away in full-time ministry, and were only weeks from traveling 13 hours to see our families. We found out that money was just not going to be there for us to travel. Through a misunderstanding we had thought our salary would continue the entire time we were gone, but then found out it wouldn’t. And there were no bonuses that year, due to a tight budget in the church. We didn’t have enough money. It wasn’t even close. Since we had not made the naive decision to own a credit card, there was no way we could go home.

No. Way.

But (what a marvelous little word), a sweet old lady in our church called to ask Jamin if he would cut down some trees. He did so gladly. It was hard work and took an entire day. They weren’t large trees, but they were near her house and it was tricky to get them down in a safe place. adamsportf3treessnow

Jamin finished the work and as we got in his pickup to leave, she pressed a check into his hand. It was way more than enough. More than if our salary had continued and we had gotten a bonus. Times two! Or three!

God is so good! Let us reflect His goodness, and celebrate His birth!

Now, here is how you enter for the giveaway! I want you to share one of your favorite Christmas memories with me. It can be as simple as your funniest gift or craziest tradition. Or it can be a Christmas miracle! Just share in the comments, and you will be automatically entered! (You may only enter once!) If our blog doesn’t recognize your id, make sure you at least put your first name and last initial. At midnight on Friday, it will be too late. So enter now, and share with your friends!

Your entry has to be here on the blog, not on another post, not on facebook. On this blog post.

Saturday afternoon, I will post a video of pulling your name out of the bowl! Ready, set, go!

❤ JoyChristmas

39 thoughts on “Christmas Memories… and a Giveaway!

  1. I have so many wonderful Christmas memories that it is hard to choose one special memory. One thing that we always enjoyed when I was young though, was on Christmas Eve my dad would bundle up and brave the snowy night to grill hamburgers and we would have an indoor picnic, then play games or watch a Christmas movie together. Now, I am enjoying making new traditions/memories with my sweet husband and daughter.

  2. (I tried to leave a comment earlier but I don’t see it, so I’m trying again. Sorry if I duplicate! I did read the rules, LOL!)
    My favorite memory may just be this Christmas, but up to this point it was my second Christmas as a mom! Seeing Madilyn’s face when she came out, looking at the lights and her play kitchen set up ready to play with was priceless. She immediately started cooking for her toys and ignored all the other presents! 🙂

    Megan W.

  3. One year, my husband hurt his knee tearing two major ligaments & having to have a surgery procedure done on his knee. He was out of work for over six months without pay. after his sick leave ran out. He couldn’t walk & had to take a few months of therapy to walk again. During that time, we had five children & one on the way. Christmastime was coming & being a mother who loves everything about the holidays in celebrating Christ’s birth & family traditions, my heart was yearning to do things for my children that a mother would naturally want to do–bless them & our family with fun surprises! I knew there was no way we could do our little family Christmas traditions since I was a stay at home mom without an income & my husband being out of work for so long & using up all of his sick leave, leaving virtually, well, literally no money around at all when that ran out. We were making it, one blessing at a time. I knew I couldn’t ask my husband for any money; for, there wasn’t any…especially any money for Christmas gift giving. So, I prayed. I prayed & prayed & prayed. My children were praying. My husband & I were praying together, as well. But, every chance I was alone, I prayed more earnestly. I really wasn’t praying for anything specific exactly…just for God’s blessings on our family, for God to bless my husband’s faithfulness to Him even during such difficult times & for somehow, some way for God to work a miracle in our lives to where we could celebrate Christmas by being able to get our family & our own children something a little special to show them of our love…and of course, to pay any bills that were due at the time.

    One day, when I got home from church, something told me to check the mail. I thought it quite odd to have that notion being that it was Sunday & the mail doesn’t even run on Sunday!!! But, I listened to that still, small voice I love to hear from my Lord, & went & checked the mail anyway, all the while laughing because for pity sake, it was SUNDAY!

    You will never believe it, but it is true. There was a white business letter-sized envelope inside the mailbox that had mine & my husband’s name on the front…no return address & of course, NO STAMP!

    I brought it into the house to the recliner where my husband could be found over the last several months since he couldn’t walk & told him, “We got mail!” He just laughed & said, “We did not. It’s Sunday. The mail doesn’t even run on Sunday!” I said, “Maybe not…but God still delivers mail on Sundays.”

    I stood there & watched my husband open the envelope. There was a white piece of paper inside that had typed-written the words, “PRAISE JEHOVAH JIREH!” Folded up inside that little note was five, one-hundred dollar bills. To see the look on my husband’s face & watch the tears begin to roll down his cheeks, was just the greatest thing to see! I shall never forget it!

    God heard our prayers & we were able to do so many things that we were not planning to be able to do at all. To this day, we have no idea how that envelope got in our mailbox or what wonderful saint of God stuck it there, but it will always be a reminder in my heart to praise Jehovah-Jireh–through the good times, and through the bad, leaving it all with Him…and He WILL bless & answer prayers. ❤

  4. My favorite memory is my husband and I started a family tradition when our kids were little. We would start every Christmas morning with reading the Christmas story. (Luke 2) Followed by prayer and each one saying what we were thankful for. As my children grew they would read from the bible and would argue over who read the previous year and whose turn it was. I now have grandchildren who are now able to read. And it fills my heart with joy to know my daughter continues our tradition, only now my husband has gone home to be with The Lord. So we all pile in the car first thing in the morning and we go to the cemetery to read our Christmas story with poppi. As I sit there and listen to my grandson read the bible, I can see my husband many years ago reading to our children and I am so thankful God sent His son.
    This year will be extra special for me as I was in a very bad accident last March that I should not have survived. But God isn’t finished with me yet. And He has blessed me with another Christmas. It has been a hard year but I know my Lord is in control and I am truly blessed.

  5. Two years ago we received a bill from our government for mis-filed taxes. It came on black friday. We have owed the government $1200. More than we made in a month. It was due in 2 weeks. We prayed about it and didn’t stress. That year my husband got an extra preaching engagement every Sunday night as our church didn’t have an evening service. He also preached at a a couple christmas parties and a teen activity. With everything he got from love offerings, it was more than the bill! The awesome thing was that before the bill he had NO preaching engagements lined up. He didn’t call ANYONE, they just called him! Then as if that wasn’t enough! EVERY day for two weeks before Christmas my children received a gift. People from the church stopped by, Friends came by, etc. On the saturday before Christmas “Santa Claus” in the flesh showed up with not one, not two but THREE garbage bags of wrapped presents. We had decided to not teach our children that Santa was real. We have taught them that Santa was once real but he was just a man and had died. My daughter was convinced that he was still real. We explained to her that we couldn’t control what she chose to believe and if she chose that one day she would find out. That year she wanted a Dora doll house and had gone so far as to say she knew Santa was going to bring it to her, so to teach her Santa wasn’t real we decided to not get her one. Well, when Santa showed up at our house, one of the presents was . . . you guessed it: a Dora Doll House! Our bill was paid. A lady in the church gave us a gift: a $100 gift card for Krogers (We were going to have a very small dinner and nothing close to something you’d have at Christmas.) With the gift card we got all the fixings and one of my piano students gave us a ham for a gift! We couldn’t stop praising God for what He did! I’m still amazed, not only did he take care of our needs, but he gave us our wants and beyond we could have ever thought or imagined!
    ~Patty Johnson

  6. Our first Christmas being married was tight financially. We were both working but we were paying off debt from Bible college. We had very little money for gifts and no money for a Christmas tree. I had one box of red glass balls with a knitted covering that had been given to us as a wedding present but nothing to put them on. I knew down deep it really didn’t matter if we had a tree or not but as a new wife far away from family it was a desire of my heart to decorate for Christmas so I started praying.
    That year was our church’s 30 th anniversary so we held a Bible conference right before Christmas. My husband’s parents came out for it. My father in law was asked to preach. When they arrived one of the first things they said was that they wanted to buy us a tree. So Dad and Joel went to pick out a tree and Mom took a bag of stuff out of her suitcase. The bag contained decor for the tree! I had told only the Lord of my desires and He answered! God is good!
    (I can’t watch videos well on my phone so if I end up winning please email me. Thanks and Merry Christmas! )

  7. My favorite time of year is Christmas! I always loved going to Christmas Eve service (the one where they let kids hold candles too) then my parents would mosey home as slowly as they could,,, of course stopping to see EVERY light display known to man, so they could prolong our agony on getting home to open our presents 🙂 But even though those memories are dear, the sweetest one, is of my Grandma. When I was 3 years old, my Grandpa had a massive heart attack while staying with us. They were unable to save him, so Grandma would come to our house every Christmas and spend a week or so with us baking, wrapping presents and doing all the fun holiday things. One particular Christmas, I just couldn’t think of anything to get her for a gift. Finally, my Mom and I were shopping in a small antique shop, where I saw a sweet little music box with roses on it, that I knew Grandma would just love, and she did. Later, after she passed away, my sister and I were helping my Mom pack away her things, and I found that little music box, tucked away with all her dearest treasures. I could just picture her beautiful smile, as she would open the lid and play the music as she got ready to go to church 🙂

  8. Actually I just had a similar situation happen this year. Me and my husband have been married for 3 years and he was let go from his job a few months back. Do to some complications he was not able to draw unemployment so we were not able to buy Christmas for our children. My son is 4 and my daughter is just 8 months old. My husband and I talked about it and we were going to try to explain in a positive way that we were not going to do presents this year but just the other day a lady from our church came and told me don’t worry about presents we will take care of it 🙂 God is so good to us.

  9. Last Christmas, our college-age church group went Christmas caroling to the various city fire stations. We brought Christmas cookies along as well, and we had a wonderful time talking to the firefighters and showing our appreciation. We could tell that they enjoyed us coming, and it was great to be thinking of others during that time.

    Oh, and of course- sweet rolls on Christmas morning!

  10. My favorite Christmas memories have been since I’ve had kids….I just love the excitement they get over every little thing…..this year is probably the most entertaining. They LOVE all the lights, music, and Christmas activities. The funniest thing that has happened this year is our youngest, he’s 17 months, has been loving the tree. He keeps taking off ornaments and then THROWING them at the tree and smiles. We finally figured out that he thinks he’s decorating it like we did when we put it up. So, even with the few broken ornaments we now have, his excitement and laughter of having the tree up and ‘decorating’ it is worth it all 🙂

  11. My favorite Christmas memory is of one when I was about 5. I slipped up before mom and dad got up and played with everything that Santa had left under the tree and then went to bed and slept till mom woke me up. I can still feel the excitement and happy feeling of that morning and it was over 30 years ago!!!

  12. One of my favorite Christmas memories took place four years ago. My husband and I just welcomed our first baby into the world. Our sending church has a Christmas play every year and at the end of the play their is the nativity scene. My husband and I were thrilled when we were asked to play the part of Mary and Joseph and of course we would be holding our own eleven day old son. It truly made the true meaning of Christmas so much more real to us.

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