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A Hot Date!

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My husband and I put our kids to bed the other night, and hubby asked me what I wanted to do.

At the end of the day, what does any mother of small people want to do? Relax!

But my hubby had other ideas. He wanted my time and attention. He wanted to date me, to talk to his best friend.

I started thinking and feeling very guilty about how often I neglect my man. He is so, so good to me. He helps me with the kids, and the house every single day! He watches them while I go running (because that is my latest obsession), doesn’t mind if I spend an hour soaking in the tub just so I can read my newest book (my next-to-latest obsession). All he wants is my attention, and much to my dismay, my actual energy. šŸ˜¦

Even when we can get a good babysitter, I worry about the kids. Tight finances keep us in more often than not. Put these two together, and you’re like us… without many hot dates!

What to do?!

I started googling, and pinteresting, and found some terrific “Date Night In” ideas, and want to share with you. My hubby doesn’t need something elaborate, he just wants to feel like he is special to me. And he is! I just get too distracted to show it!

  1. Theme Date: The idea here is to think of a theme, say Italian for instance. Cook up a simple pasta dish (or order take-out), dress up, play an Italian playlist from Spotify. You could do Western, 50s, or any other theme you can think of. (Read the blog here)
  2. Eat Breakfast in Bed for a late-night dinner, and watch a movie. I think this one sounds so fun! (Read the blog here)
  3. After dinner, ask each other questions! It’s easy to get busy and lose touch with each other’s fears, hopes and dreams. Click here to read the post about it, complete with printable question list!


Other sweet ideas besides dates:

  • Write love letters to each other, seal them up, and “time capsule” them, putting them away for 5 years. Just try to remember where you put them!
  • Make a pretty wipe-off board to leave each other sweet love notes. Take a basic frame, and put a pretty piece of scrapbook paper behind it. Keep the marker handy and write away!
  • Tuck a note into his pants pocket, lunchbox or briefcaseĀ the night before.
  • Buy a cheap notebook, and every night, write one or two sentences about how you love him! Give it to him for your anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

I am vowing to do a sweet idea for my hubby every few weeks! The month of love is coming up! Let’s surprise our husbands and make themĀ feel like the most important man on the planet!Ā I would love to hear some of your romantic ideas, and dates in.

For other terrific ideas for making your sweetie feel cherished, check out the Dating Divas website. They are a wealth of romantic ideas!


Because happier couples make happier parents!

ā¤ Joy

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