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Spiritual Songs

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Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord…Eph. 5:19

Music, the right kind of music, is so important in our lives, and as well as in the lives of children as we strive to shape them to live for the Lord…to give glory and honor to Him all their lives.

In this verse “spiritual songs” means to reinforce and to remind us about spiritual truths…a wonderful msg from our Pastor last night.

When our children were young, our home was filled with Children’s Bible Hour stories and songs, as well as Patch the Pirate. We ALL loved them ALL, and I have no doubt that keeping these truths before our children played a big role in helping shape them for service for the Lord.

So as much as Godly music and stories will guide children TO the Lord, what  will the “wrong” kind of music do? I know we all know the answer to that.

So may I encourage us all to make sure the music playing our ears, and little ears around us….home, or the car radio and cd player, be such that would honor our Savior.

BTW, we had all the cassettes…”what’s that” YOUR children may say!

(and I had missed my post day…my apologies)


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