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Valentine Cupcake Wreath

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Valentine’s Day is such a fun time for me! I LOVE making the people I love feel special.
Here is something fun to make to decorate your home to get it ready for that special day!
Supplies Needed:
* Heart Foam Wreath (I used the medium size) *
* Cupcake liners (I used 50) *
* Ribbon *
* Hot Glue Gun *
~ Wrap the foam completely with ribbon, tacking the beginning and end with hot glue. ~
~ Add as much ribbon as you would like for the bow in the middle. Tack the front & back with glue & tie bow at the top ~
~ Randomly glue folded cupcake liners around the heart. (It will look funny for awhile) ~
~ Continue adding liners until you fill in the empty spots to make it look full. ~
Joyfully Serving Him,

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