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An Embarrasing Confession


When I was newly married…and very young I might add, my mom called me one morning and I hadn’t gotten out of bed yet. My husband was gone to work.

My mom said, “You mean you let your husband go to work and you didn’t get up and fix him breakfast? You ought to be ashamed!”

O I still hear those words!….But, since my mom “shamed” me, I have alway gotten up and fixed my husband breakfast….unless I was sick. And I might add, I truly LOVE taking care of him!

I also think it’s important as well, to always have a good breakfast (and not only breakfast) routine for the whole family! Certainly, your honey may leave early and be unable to eat with the kids, but you can plan breakfast together on the weekends.

Another thing I try to do is get up early on Sunday mornings and cook lunch….sometimes the “works”, sometimes very simple…because aren’t we all starving when we get home from church!

Anyway, just wanted to share this “ouchie” from my mom long ago. She doesn’t know much of the scriptures, but she’s truly a Proverbs Lady as I have watched her over the years as she cared for my daddy and us kids.

“She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household…” Proverbs 31:15


2 thoughts on “An Embarrasing Confession

  1. Thanks for this 🙂 My husband is in the Marine Corp and he rises very early. Years ago after I was saved I heard a wise Titus woman at a ladies meeting speak on this subjet! Ever since then I have gotten up with my husband, and we get up at 4am. LOL.. I make breakfast and send him off with smiles and a lunch! Keep up your service for our Lord by serving your precious husband. What blessings come with simple obedience. I just wanted to say I enjoyed your post! Thank you for sharing.

    In Christ,

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