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I Do NOT Thank You For the Egg

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For Valentine’s Day, we bought each of our children (along with some other goodies) a Cadbury egg. You know, the yummy chocolate eggs with the cream in them. We had also bought them pizza for supper while my honey and I were enjoying our own little get-away supper in our bedroom restaurant. I told the children that they could eat all of their goodies but they had to wait until after their supper. They each had their own little pile of stuff set up in their own areas.

I came through my living room to take something to my bedroom, and I saw an unwrapped Cadbury egg laying on my living room chair. The entire end had been bitten off and the white cream was oozing out onto my furniture. I called to the one whose pile was in that chair and asked if they did that. They denied it stating that the last they had seen it, was when they put it there whole. So, I called in my first suspect – an adorable and unnamed 3 yr. old, who like his mother, has no self-control when it comes to chocolate.

I asked him if he had eaten some of his brother’s egg. He answered yes. He is a thief but at least he is an honest thief. I told him to go and get his egg and to trade his brother. The brother got his whole egg, and he would keep the one that he had already eaten on. Happy with my verdict, I rolled on into my room. The next minute I hear a roaring cry from the living room. The children ran to me and said that a certain adorable chocoholic was having a major tantrum and was stomping the opened egg into the living room floor! Can you believe one of my children would do this? 🙂 I told the little person that I love that he had now lost his egg and it would go into the trash can and that he must hush immediately or he would not get any of his candy. He stopped crying immediately and that was that….until an hour or so later when he was sitting on my lap and watching a movie. He said, “Mommy, I do NOT thank you for the egg.”  How could this little fella who had devoured all the goodness that I had given him not be thankful for the egg that I had bought him and through his own actions destroyed not be thankful? Because, once again, he is like his Momma.

How many times do I glean from all the goodness and blessings of the Lord in my life, but the first time something doesn’t go my way, my heart cries, “I am NOT thankful for the egg?” God is not the cause of bad and unhappy things – sin is. How many times do I act on that sin, make a mess for myself, and then let God know how I am not happy with Him for allowing this to happen in my life?

I am challenged to be thankful more and have fewer tantrums! How about you?




Author: Alicia Reagan

In March of 2009, while expecting my 6th baby, I contracted Transverse Myelitis - a rare illness that left me paralyzed from my ribs down. It has changed my life in many horrible and wonderful ways. I love to talk about it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. It is always raw and real around here as I share my work in advocacy and accessibility, my heart for the spiritual lessons learned, my music that speaks my soul, and my love for my home and family. Welcome.

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