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Given to Hospitality


I’ve been a little out of the loop lately.  😦  Our family is on deputation currently, and while it is SUCH a blessing to experience this incredible phase of ministry, it is often chaotic, to say the least!  I’m able to catch my breath a bit from all the traveling and share a little of what has been on my heart and mind as we’ve been on the road.

When our family lived in North Carolina, I had a good friend.  She and I got together a few times a week and let our kids play and just hung out together.  She was a SAHM mom, like me at the time, but she had more experience since she was on baby #2 and I was a complete newbie.

My friend’s husband had a good job, but like every young family that sacrifices for the mom to stay home, she worked hard to make their budget happen.  She cooked nearly every meal their family ate…and she was GOOD at it!  They had a small home that she took pride in managing and cleaning.  She cared for her husband and two young children. She was a busy lady!

But I can’t remember how many times I saw her demonstrating Romans 12:13 by “distributing to the necessity of the saints” and being “given to hospitality.”

Even though my friend’s home was small and her budget was tight, she was a picture of hospitality.  She used her special talent and cooked and personally delivered meals to so many families in times of need.  She was constantly thinking of someone who was recovering from surgery, dealing with the passing of a loved one, moving to a new home, or having a baby.  The church never organized this ministry; she claimed it for her own.


I think of my friend often, even though we live far away now, and I’ll always remember her creative, sacrificial hospitality.  No, it wasn’t “traditional” inside of her home-type hospitality.  But it was the real thing nonetheless.

I want to be sensitive to those around me.  I don’t want to use my small budget, busy schedule, or small home as an excuse to not be a blessing!  I want to be given to hospitality, just like my friend.

With love,




2 thoughts on “Given to Hospitality

  1. I just read the neatest thing last night that talked about hospitality is not entertaining. We feel that to have people over our houses have to be perfect and we have to be the perfect entertainers to be hospitable. But to just love people and make them feel welcome in your home (whether it looks perfect or not) is what hospitality is all about! Great thoughts Heather! Thank you!!

  2. When I think of hospitality, the first person who pops into my mind is my mother-in-law. She has been a pastor’s wife for many years, and takes care of everyone around her! She is such a blessing to be around. She will invitie ANYone in for a meal. And if someone drops by between meals, she always has a cake in the freezer to thaw and offer them. She cooks if there is a death in the community, or a friend of a friend, of a friend. 🙂 I want to be that way! But it’s so hard for me to not be in control. I’m fine with having people over, but if someone surprises me, it throws me off! Thank you for this post!

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