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The Couch-Bed

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One recurring problem for me in raising my children is discipline. I do it, but it often feels too late, too frantic, and sometimes too harsh. I put off their bad behavior as long as I can “stand” it, then overreact. It’s never good. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one!

Then if my children disobey, or obey v.e.r.y slowly, it frustrates me to no end. {And it was really my fault to start with!}

Over, and over again, I realize that my children need me for more than to correct their fighting and bad attitudes. They need special time where Mommy is listening to them and is interested in their lives. They need to be treated like fellow human beings that have their own minds, their own desires, and their own fears. How do I feel if someone tells me I am wrong and never tells me I am right? Or even that they love me? I really don’t want to hear anything they have to say!

So, every little while, I try to make them feel special.

Last night, I actually had a moms’ night out with some other ladies, so I suggested to my husband that they get out the couch-bed and watch movies while I was away. It is one of my boys FAVORITE things ever! It is the grand treat for them! So, after they watched a few movies, they played “house”, and the underneath part of the couch was their bedrooms. It was adorable! And when I got home, I played with them in their “house.”


It means so much to our children to show that we care what is important to them! And it only takes a few minutes of our time.

Here’s to playing!

❤ Joy

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