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It’s Chore Time!!

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With 3 busy and active boys around, my house can go from neat & tidy, to utterly embarrassing in just a matter of minutes. What I spend hours doing, can be undone faster than the time it takes to read this post! Needless to say, I felt it was time for a regular chore system. This past Winter, I put together our “chore jar”, and it has helped immensely.

Chores 3

I cut out chore cards from extra thick scrapbook paper in two different colors. One color (green) is for all the bathroom chores. The other color (black & white pattern) is for all the kitchen/dinner chores.

Chores 2

The boys each choose one green and one black & white chore card each day. (They are not allowed to peek when choosing their cards.)

On top of that, we have an extra group of chore cards for a few things that need to be done every single day. They also choose one of those to go along with their bathroom and kitchen chore for the day.

Since my oldest two are 8 & 6, there really isn’t much that they can’t do in the way of chores. It just takes a little bit (sometimes a lot) of instructing on how to do each chore carefully and efficiently. Obviously, you can tailor your chores to fit your children’s ages, and also your home’s needs. 🙂

Here are our bathroom chores…

Chores 1

And here are our kitchen/dinner chores…

Chores 5

And finally, here are the extra chores that need to be done daily…

Chores 4

In the Winter, we also had the chore card, “Bring in 5 pieces of firewood” in our daily chore stack since we use our fireplace to heat our home in the colder months. It’s fun to think of new and different chores to go along with each season. I will be adding a “sweep and straighten the front porch” chore card soon. 🙂

While Beau and Judson are working on their chores, Lofton (2 yrs) enjoys pushing the broom around, and especially loves it when I hand him a soapy rag to wipe things down. He loves to feel like he’s helping. Maybe starting him early will help him keep his great attitude about pitching in!

So that’s our chore system! I’m curious to know how other moms do it! Please leave a comment and tell us what works best for your home! I’m always eager to implement new ideas!

Happy cleaning,



One thought on “It’s Chore Time!!

  1. Great ideas! I’m always looking for a “better” way to keep things running smoothly. Since my boys are 5 and 3 (and Eva is only 18 mos), they still mostly need LOTS of help to get any jobs done. Right now, we just work together to get things clean. Sometimes I set the timer, and our whole family works on a specific room until it goes off. Love hearing this simple idea. Maybe once Jackson can read, I’ll be able to do more. 🙂 Thanks for the great post!

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