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Beginning the Journey of Deputation

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I am so amazed at the sovereignty and plan of God! My husband and I were asked to assist a church restoration effort in England for one year. One year became two and soon our visas expired and we found ourselves at a crossroads, “Do we stay longer or return to the USA?”  We enjoyed working and serving in England, but my husband didn’t have a peace about staying longer. I vividly remember my husband saying to me, “I believe one day God will lead us back to England” as we somberly sat in our airplane seats. At that moment we had no clue the reason God was bringing us back to the USA was to build our family through adoption – we were just obeying Him in faith. The next year was difficult as we went to several doctor visits only to be told there was no earthly way we could have children. (You can read all about our infertility/adoption testimony at “” ) During this time my husband pastored a church for a year and a half and from time to time I thought, “Maybe one day….”. Through a variety of circumstances, God moved us away from the pastorate and once again we found ourselves at the crossroads. We didn’t want to make any hasty decisions and we fervently sought the Lord for nine months before feeling confident it was His hand leading us to permanently return to the United Kingdom.

I am very excited but rather nervous/anxious/ scared at the big step of deputation and moving abroad with my child(ren). I know many of you don’t even know who I am, but if you could begin praying for my family I would appreciate it. We are beginning deputation in June while simultaneously walking through the adoption process. Both are huge journeys and I need God’s grace. I want to be a sponge and soak up counsel and advice from women who have walked this road before. If you have any practical tips on traveling, moving, or balancing family and missions please let me know.

Here is the link to our website. We would love to share our burden for the UK with your church or family. Thanks for listening to my heart….and thanks for praying.


One thought on “Beginning the Journey of Deputation

  1. Will be praying for you guys, Anna! I know nothing of adoption, but I would suggest the books The Deputation Manual (you and your husband), The Church Planting Wife by Christine Hoover, and It’s A Wonderful Life by Terrie Chappell. The latter two may cover a lot you already know, having already lived there a length of time, but I’m sure they will still be encouraging. Are you on facebook? Please feel free to friend request me! I know of a facebook group that could be a great help to you.

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