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True Love

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My mom, Tami Neal, wrote this beautiful little poem many years ago.  I thought it would be a blessing and encouragement to you.  Happy Mother’s Day!

True Love

See the little one playing outside,

Toys clutched tight in his hand?

Playing so sweetly with cheeks of red,

Shoveling in the sand….

That little toddler you hold so dear

Needs an eternal goal.

That little baby God gave to you,

Has an eternal soul.

Love him enough to bring him to church,

Love him enough to do right,

Love him enough to live by God’s Word,

Teach him by day and by night.

Many’s the loss that you can regain,

Many can be made whole,

But if you lose those tender years,

Who can regain their soul?

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Author: Niki Lott

Christian, wife, mom, homemaker, daughter, sister, wife, pianist, writer...

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