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Mother’s Day

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 It gets more precious each year. As I frequently visit my mom who  now lives in assisted living, in reality I know there can’t be too many years left. So, I’m glad I get to honor her still on her special day.
As her memory is fading, I’m  so thankful that she still knows us all, and it makes me happy to see her face light up when I walk into her room. 
Though she hasn’t been what we consider a student of the Bible, she has always been a wonderful example of a “Proverbs lady”. She always put daddy and us kids before herself, constantly “doting”, and doing and giving.
I remember many times she was up in the night when I was sick, or I would call to her when my arm fell asleep and she would come and rub it until it felt better.
That type of mother is fading away. O, yes, there are many wonderful mothers I know, but I believe the numbers are becoming fewer. We live in a very spoiled and selfish time. Many won’t take the time to teach and train their children in the ways of God.
Children are our most important “project” if you will. We have one chance to get them to chance to train them. As they are given to us by the Lord, they are our total responsibility!
We just need to do ALL THAT IS WITHIN OUR POWER to do….for THEM.
The instructions are in His Word* May we be doers…not hearers only.  



One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. Very powerful words, Mom! 🙂 You have been a wonderful example of a Proverbs lady too. I love you.

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