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finger foods are always fun

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So, this past Thursday my church had its monthly ladies meeting. Turns are taken each month to be in charge of decorating the tables and being in charge of the food. This month we had an “English Tea” theme {and I wish I had remembered my camera… the set up was so sweet!}.

I was asked to bring a particular “tea sandwich” which I had never heard of before. It is very simple, so I put a bit of my own twist on it. And I had none to bring home!

Since I had a couple people ask for the recipe, I thought I would turn it into a blog post…:)


ingredients The ingredients are very simple:

: salt/pepper to taste {not pictured}

: mayo {your favorite brand}

: plain yogurt {I always use full-fat, but obviously you can use your preference! greek or not, really doesn’t matter}

: cheddar cheese {I used pre-shredded for convenience… and the sharper the better!}

: bread {I used a whole wheat French loaf}

: tomatoes {I used Roma as the size suited the bread slices}

: a leafy green {the original recipe called for lettuce, but I had spinach on hand, and the the shape of the leaves also suited the bread slices nicely :)}

almost forgotand I almost forgot the seasoning: herbes-de-Provence! You can use any herb combo you like, and I think an Italian blend would be tasty too; but if you can get your hands on this blend, it seriously makes anything savory taste even better!

Since I knew I was making a large amount of small sandwiches which would be sitting on a table for a few minutes, I actually sliced my bread the day before and let it dry out. These insides are quite wet, and I am not one for eating soggy sandwiches!

Instead of putting each ingredient individually on each sandwich, I made a “relish” out of the cheese, mayo, yogurt and herbs.

addedFor 2 small sandwiches–which I made for myself today for the sole purpose of taking photos for this post :)– I used about 2 tsp of each the mayo and the yogurt, and 1/4 cup of cheese and a sprinkling of the herbs plus a pinch of salt and pepper. [This was too much, and I had a bit leftover that was just delectable on the end crust of the bread. :)]

Now to assemble…

slather a bit of the cheese mixture on one piece of bread

slather a bit of the cheese mixture on one piece of bread-I could have been neater….

add your spinach leave

add your spinach leave

and tomato slices to cover --This could be a finished product right here!

and tomato slices to cover
~~This could be a finished product right here!~~

add a bit more sauce/relish to the second bread and lay on top

add a bit more sauce/relish to the second bread and lay on top

oh my... I think I'll be making some more of these soon!

oh my… I think I’ll be making some more of these soon!
~The sauce on both sides helps it stay together.~
~You can add more or less to suite your personal taste and texture preference ~

And if you’re not a mayo person, just use yogurt with some cream cheese -yum… or if you’re not a yogurt person, just use mayo; but unless you have an allergy to one of the other–I think you’ll like the combo!

I was able to get 24 sandwiches out of 2 loaves of French bread.

Do you have a favorite “dainty food” you like to make for special occasions?

Have you ever used herbes-de-Provence?


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