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Hidden in my heart




Something the Lord has been dealing with me about lately is Scripture memorization.  I was listening to a podcast a while back where the guest speaker had memorized many books of the Bible (in their entirety!) as well as several individual chapters of God’s word.

I was so convicted.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had truly given myself to memorizing a passage.  Sure, I’ve learned a few verses here and there, but that was nothing compared to what this lady had done!

She talked about her strategy to memorize Scripture throughout her day…instead of trying to set aside a specific chunk of the day, she took the verses with her on notecards to learn as she was folding laundry, cleaning bathrooms, preparing meals, caring for her children.  She started this discipline while her children were young, ladies!  

We can do this too!  

What a treasure God’s Word is!  It has power to save, cleanse, heal, restore, encourage, strengthen, teach, and protect…and SO much more!  Let’s not neglect it’s power!  

How wonderful would it be to already have hidden in our hearts a verse that would be used to strengthen our weary souls and lighten our moods on some of those tough days?!  

How wonderful would it be to speak God’s word to our husbands when they are discouraged or down?!  

How wonderful would it be to instill in our children this life-preserving Word that can light their path and lead them to salvation?!

Now, I haven’t done the notecard idea like the lady I mentioned above, although I think it’s a great one!  But I have started memorizing an entire Psalm…with my kids.  I must admit, it’s at an insanely slow pace because I’m learning it as I teach it to them 🙂  But, isn’t little by little better than none at all??

What practical ideas do you have to help you and your children memorize Scripture?  I would LOVE to hear them!  And I know our readers would love too as well!!

Here are some ways we have tried:

1. Actions and motions.  My children are ages 1-5 right now, so their ability for rote memorization is limited.  We make it fun by adding hand gestures and other body motions that sort of “make sense” with the words in the verse.  I usually make these up as I go, or sometimes, my oldest has ideas of what he thinks would be good motions to use.  Any involvement they can contribute helps them be excited to learn more!

2.  Bits and pieces.  We are learning Psalm 95 and have been working on it for a few weeks. True, we could probably move faster, but I like to learn it phrase by phrase…sometimes even breaking one verse down into 2 sections.  We do a phrase at a time and always repeat what we have learned so far.  I’m amazed that even my 22 month old knows most of the key words in the passage we have learned.  He does the little motions and says the verse in his cute little baby talk!  Melts my heart!

3. Day by day.  We work on Scripture memorization during school, in the car, during down times, and usually each night before bed.  We don’t always do it every one of those times every single day, but those are some great opportunities to take advantage of.  I have a Bible app on my phone, so I always have it with me.  You could print out the passage to keep in your purse if you don’t have a mobile device with the Bible on it.  Just this morning, we were waiting at church for daddy to get out of a meeting and we learned a new phrase.  This whole process has opened my eyes to how much time I actually have free during the day to focus on this with my children.

4. Other ideas.  Scripture songs on CD are a great way to keep God’s word on our hearts and lips.  Also, we spend a lot of time driving on deputation, so I am listening to James 1 on an audio Bible app on my phone to help me get more familiar with it.

5. _____________  Share your tips and ideas for memorizing God’s Word!  We’d love to hear from you!

With love, 



2 thoughts on “Hidden in my heart

  1. Those are wonderful ideas! It is very convicting to me, too! I don’t have any extra ideas, but I will say that Scripture songs are great!! We have 4 volumes of Bible Truth Music’s Bible Songs for kids. My kids have several of them memorized, and I know extra verses just from playing them throughout the day. Thank you for this post. 🙂

  2. When we were younger, we read a chapter together every night at family devotions. We ended up learning James 1, I John 1 and 2 and a few other passages this way. We never really “practiced” or worked on memorizing. We just read the same passage over and over and eventually found we had it memorized. Even the little ones.

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