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Do you ever sit through a service in Church and think, “Wow, God must have truly been thinking of me when He led the Pastor to preach that?”

Yesterday, that’s exactly how I felt.

I arrived to Church a few minutes late and little frazzled. It was my night to bring snack to the boys children’s class and my Husband was out of the country traveling on business. If you’ve ever tried to get 3 (or any) kids to Church on your own, you know what I’m talking about. It takes lots of work. =)

So, I got my older two off to class and the baby dropped to the nursery and made my way to my pew. I listened as my Pastor took prayer requests. and I was trying my best to focus on the message, and get some encouragement and fuel for the rest of my week.

My Pastor brought a wonderful message on “Tools for the battle” and went through a list of men who were in the fight for good, and what the tools that helped them win the victory.

The passage He read from was found in 2 Samuel chapter 23 starting in verse 8. It was so good! And with each point I found myself shaking my head and feeling like I could relate.

Some of his points included

~Get involved in the battle (Adino)

~Refuse to quit (Eleazaer)

~Stand your ground (Shammah)

~Be willing to Sacrifice (David)

~Be willing to be loyal (Abishai)

~Be willing to overcome (Eliam)

With each man He described and each point he went through I felt excited and encouraged.

They all had something they were fighting for.. It may have seemed small and insignificant to some.. but it was worth the fight to them.

One of the men really made me think… It was David and is found in verse 15..

It went on to read that David was asking for a drink from the well in Bethlehem…

And the Bible tells us that three men broke through a host of Philistines and risked their lives to get David this drink from the well..

The thing that really made my eyebrows raise was that once the men returned with his drink from the well… David did not drink the water… But the Bible says he poured it out.

At first I thought to myself. How selfish is David? He asked for this drink, the men said they would get it, they did get it.. and then David just poured it out???

If I was one of those men, I would have been upset! But then my Pastor finished reading the verse… He poured it out… unto the Lord.

2 Samuel 23:15   And David longed, and said, Oh that one would give me drink of the water of the well of Bethlehem, which is by the gate!

2 Samuel 23:16   And the three mighty men brake through the host of the Philistines, and drew water out of the well of Bethlehem, that was by the gate, and took it, and brought it to David: nevertheless he would not drink thereof, but poured it out unto the LORD.

2 Samuel 23:17   And he said, Be it far from me, O LORD, that I should do this: is not this the blood of the men that went in jeopardy of their lives? therefore he would not drink it. These things did these three mighty men.

These men risked their lives to do a job… just to simply get a drink for David. But they did it. They worked hard and they made it happen.

And David realized the sacrifice they made.. And in return, he sacrificed the drink that he so longed for, and gave this back to the Lord.

This encouraged me to pour myself out to the Lord… In everything I do.

In all I am… to pour myself into the job has given me at hand and do the best I can do.

My Pastor asked a simple question… “What’s your ministry? What are you fighting for?”

It hit me like a load of bricks… I have such a job to do!

I have such a ministry to live and teach and spread… And I needed this little pep talk to help me get geared up again for the battle.

My ministry is to be the best Mom and wife I can be.

My ministry is to share that life is short and brief and we do not know if we have tomorrow.. My sweet Maddie Grace taught me that.

My ministry is to work hard in the nursery, and teach my Sunday School class, and love our bus kids!

My ministry is to tell others about my Jesus who died for me.

We all have an area we can work and help. Maybe even just be an encouragement.

Maybe even just be willing to get the Pastor a drink of water…

Whatever job God has given us to do, we need to work hard and do the best we can!

Sometimes I think we grow weary..

Life and our everyday commitments can make us tired and wear us out, but it’s in those moments that the Lord always seems to show up and give us our second wind.

He’s there, ready to pick us up, wipe us off and send us back out to fight.

Are you tired, friend?

Run to the Lord. He will give you strength to continue this battle in life.

Pour yourself out to Him, He will bless you.

Maybe you struggle with pain?

Maybe you struggle with depression?

Maybe you feel like you aren’t good enough?

Or maybe you just don’t understand why you are going through what you are.

Whatever it is in your life, God will give you the strength you need to keep going, keep fighting.

What is your ministry?

Wherever you can find to serve God, serve Him there to the best of your ability.

He has such a plan for you.. and me! And it’s an exciting thing to be a Christian, friend!

For we have the truth.. the good news! And so many are out there that need to hear it.

I hope I can encourage you today, to find your ministry and pour yourself into it.

Find what you are fighting for… And get out there and fight!

It will be worth it in the end!  

2 Timothy 4:7   I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:

2 Timothy 4:8   Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

Much Love,



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