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Totally Dependent

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Have you been there? Your child completely pitches a fit – crying, screaming, stomping, throwing stuff. You’re embarrassed and miserable. Your child will soon be embarrassed and miserable. You’re not sure if you’re ever getting through to him. When will he learn?  This has been the norm for us lately. We have one that is very strong-willed, and the last two weeks have been really upsetting.

My son is almost 6. He is definitely our most stubborn, and we have more battles with him than our other two combined. We know God has a great plan for him, but it’s hard to keep that in sight when a battle is waged over breakfast, toys, naps, school, you name it!

My husband and I are doing our best to be consistent with disciplining him, and constant in our love and giving him “positive” attention as well. But then just as it seems we are making progress, he will “lose it” over the smallest things!


Today… his attitude scared me! I wasn’t scared of him, I was scared for him.

You see, he is at the age of accountability, and a war is on for his precious soul! The devil wants him to turn away from God and not care about salvation. God wants him to do right, and to obey his parents. They both want his soul! But the difference is that God loves him! Oh, how he loves my little boy! And I have to remember that! Because sometimes I feel like it’s all on me, but it’s not. Yes, I am his mother. I have a huge part to play. I need to be close to the Lord, dependent on Him as I live the Christian life in front of my little ones every day. But God is his Heavenly Father, and loves him far more than I ever could! I am just one of the vessels God is using to reach my child for eternity.

O precious thought!

So here I am… totally transparent and broken for my son’s soul. Totally dependent on God! It is not the battle that makes us dependent on God. It’s the battle that reveals that we are already dependent on Him, whether we remember it or not!

I’m glad I’m not in control of this situation. God is! And I need to obey His Word in raising my children. And He will take care of the rest!

Take heart, dear mother. God loves you, and He loves your children!

❤ Joy


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