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In over your head

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If you’re like me, you may have started a project or endeavor with the most optimistic outlook, but somewhere along the way, you realize you are in over your head. I remember trying to put together the baby crib after we had moved. I thought it seemed simple enough…a screw here, a bolt there. I had it under control…or so I thought. After a while, I found myself surrounded by pieces of a puzzle I could not solve. I had to call for reinforcements! My sweet husband came to the rescue. In no time, he had the crib completed! The thing that was overwhelming to me was actually quite simple for him!

I had felt very overwhelmed trying to do something that was above my skill level. When it came to my handyman skills, I was in over my head.

What about when your whole life feels like that? Your fairy tale dream isn’t anywhere near the reality you live in. You face daily obstacles that you can’t overcome. Your marriage isn’t a constant picture-perfect romance like you’ve read about in all those books. Maybe you are facing family struggles…wanting children, having children, having LOTS of children, missing children who are gone. Life is brutal at times. And sometimes, things just don’t come out on paper as we imagined them in our minds. We are often overwhelmed.

How many of us feel overwhelmed by life at times? I know I am in over my head when it comes to being the Christian, wife and mother God wants me to be. It’s not something I can succeed at alone. I never imagined I would be raising 4 children in a minivan as we traveled the country on deputation. I never thought about how painful it will be to take my kids away from their grandparents. I had no idea the strain my marriage would endure. I thought I could handle it all. I had it under control. Yet, the reality is, I’m in over my head!

But, I’m learning that is a GREAT place to be!

The Lord is humbling me…showing me the error of my ways. You see, He doesn’t expect me to have a grip on all these things that plagued my mind and disrupted my life. He never asked for perfection. He simply asked for faith…for without faith it is impossible to please Him.

I have to stop trying to be strong and perfect. I must quit my addiction with acceptance. I am redeemed. I am His blood bought daughter. He wants to care for me. He longs to prove Himself mighty if I will just run to His strong arms.

When we realize that we cannot make it through this life on our own, we will finally come to see the amazing power of our great God! He knows we face trials and troubles. He was human, tempted in all points like we are, yet without sin. He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He knows!

God is teaching me that it’s ok and maybe even wonderful to be overwhelmed…if I take it to Him. Just like I had to call out to my husband to put together the baby crib, I must cry out to God to put together the pieces of my life and guide my path in His perfect way. You see, being in over my head means admitting how much I desperately need His help, His guidance, His wisdom, His peace. And just like my husband was fully capable of handling something that had me baffled and overwhelmed, my God is able to carry me through the deep waters and keep my head above the waves, so long as I fix my gaze on Him!

So, dear friend, don’t despair in being in over your head. It’s exactly where you need to be!

By His grace,


One thought on “In over your head

  1. Thank you. This was a very timely minder today! “God is my Rock and my fortress an ever-present help in trouble”…which sometimes also seems to be ever-present!

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