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A friend posted an idea she did for her children for a reward system. After reading her thoughts, I knew I definitely wanted to start something right away with my oldest for rewarding him for doing the right things, helping & obeying the first time. For awhile, I tried a couple different ideas & then came up with this one. It has definitely been the most successful & easiest for us.


I now have a jar for each of our boys with their initials on them, since the youngest enjoys getting involved as well.  We have another basket of balls (I got 2 packs of practicing golf balls from Target) in the kitchen that is easily accessible. Whenever they do something like obeying the first time, picking up after themselves, cleaning up without being told, eating all their dinner, using manners…the list could go on, we will randomly say “Wow! You did such a good job! You can get a ball & add it to your jar!” I also used this during the potty training days. It’s so fun to see them get excited about adding a ball to their jars.


They LOVE to be praised! To be honest, I need to do better at remembering to do this more because they love having their Mommy (& Daddy) tell them what they are doing right instead of disciplining so much. Their behavior is completely affected when they know that we are seeing & acknowledging when they are doing right. When the jar is full, we will do something special like get an ice cream,  go pick out a toy from the dollar store, do a special outing or whatever fun we come up with. We make it different every time & they love the excitement of the surprise!

May we do our best to praise & encourage our sweet children more!




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