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Before Books and Blogs

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As Veteran’s Day came and went, I was thinking about so many of the great historical figures who have led our nation since its birth. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln are some that we would quickly think of. But what about Paul Revere, Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine? These are great men who helped carve our nation into the greatest country on earth….my America!

As I thought about these men, I thought about their mothers. I wondered what kind of women they were to raise such men of moral and character? They must have incredible moms. But then the thought hit me, that they did it without books and blogs. I believe these women stuck to what they knew. Good old common sense that was straight out of the Bible. Children were taught to read from the Bible, and they were taught to respect God’s Word as the final answer in life. Our nation is great because it was founded on the teachings of the Bible.

We have lost our security ladies. We so desperately desire to do things right and not mess our kids up that we have added to our insecurities. We scour the Internet for blogs to help us, and we love to find a good book to help us through this process of child training. I am not against gleaning wisdom from other sources, but lets not forget this truth. Our help and security in doing this mom thing right is not in blogs and books. It is in God’s Word and a personal relationship that has us pleading to The Lord to guide us and help us each day with our children. We can have confidence in the God who has raised many, many children.

I love blogs. I love books. There have been times, however, that I have looked and looked for some advice on a topic going on in the lives of my kids and have come up empty. When I have stopped and asked God to please show me how to help my child’s heart, He has never failed to answer that plea. That comforts me. I don’t have to wait for the next child rearing genius to either guide…or misguide…my kids. The Expert is already there if I will listen.

I pray that I am raising some leaders. I pray that I can instill a love for God’s Word in their lives. I pray that I will depend on God more than books and blogs.


Author: Alicia Reagan

In March of 2009, while expecting my 6th baby, I contracted Transverse Myelitis - a rare illness that left me paralyzed from my ribs down. It has changed my life in many horrible and wonderful ways. I love to talk about it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. It is always raw and real around here as I share my work in advocacy and accessibility, my heart for the spiritual lessons learned, my music that speaks my soul, and my love for my home and family. Welcome.

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