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Thy Goodness

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Several years ago, my husband preached what has become one of my favorite sermons of his. He preaches is around the New Year’s time, or sometimes at Thanksgiving. It has become such a sweet reminder to me and I committed the passage to memory a few years ago.

God is SO good to us! Life is not always easy, but we all deserve to spend our lives in hell. In light of the great grace of God, we should be constantly amazed, and constantly thankful!

“Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.” Psalm 65:11

I encourage you to read the entire chapter!

  • God is in charge of the mountains, the seas.
  • He listens to our prayers.
  • He causes the earth to rejoice
  • He leaves us “fatness” on our paths (abundance)
  • He takes care of the crops and animals
  • The animals and crops praise Him!

My favorite part of all : He crowns the entire year with His goodness! Think of how a ring encircles your finger.  He encircles our years with His goodness!

Read this chapter, and think of how good God has been in your life. Thank Him today!


❤ Joy


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