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….the desires of thine heart

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As mothers, I’m sure we’d all agree that the greatest desire of all our hearts is that our children would grow up to love and serve the Lord…above all else. I’m here to tell you that He has done just that for me. Though I truly don’t deserve such a wonderful blessing, He has taken our, my husband’s and my, feeble efforts, and by His great mercy and grace did a wonderful work in the hearts of our children, for I believe they each love Him wholly.

What I want to share is….just a little bit of our home….during those child-rearing years. (we have 3 children…our youngest will turn 30 in just 2 weeks) The things we did, maybe some things we didn’t do.

But let me say a couple of things…

First of all I am in NO way “tooting my own horn”. We did try to do our best to guide them to Him, but we (my husband and I) realize 100% that it was ALL Him. HE receives ALL the glory for whatever my children are in Him. Perfect, without mistakes? NO, of course not, but YES, SO thankful for mercy…and grace!

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits…Psalm 103:2

Secondly, this post is in no way pointing toward any of you who read concerning things you may…or may not do in your home. I’m just sharing mine.

We were very strict. Not necessarily just in the disciplinary area, but very watchful, careful, and with sobriety made choices about what they were exposed to.

First of all, our children never wondered what we would do come Sunday. I’m so thankful for a husband who loves the Lord and led our family in His ways. I must say we learned faithfulness early, so it was just natural to be in church Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, revivals, or anytime the church doors were open.

Our children never attended public school. Before our firstborn was school age, great conviction was placed in our hearts that she would go to Christian school. All 3 attended Christian school, but their last years were spent homeschooling. We, nor they, have ever regretted it.

Our children watched very little TV. Saturday morning cartoons weren’t a ritual. The few cartoons or movies we did watch together were very much under scrutiny. If we saw a witch, or some other wicked looking thing, or we thought it too violent, or something was taught we knew was wrong, we’d turn it off. Here is a place to be so careful, for seemingly innocent programs often slip in things that can play in a child’s mind to maybe make them doubt God’s Word. A cute, simple cartoon available now…Dinosaur Train…is no longer watched in my home by my grandchildren because they teach….millions of years ago…

So what was their entertainment? Besides dress up? Besides building a “clubhouse” in the woods? Besides going off by themselves on a picnic? Besides pretending they were in the Olympics? Besides playing church where the brother preached and the sisters led the singing and took up the offering? Besides making up and putting on plays?

Much of their lives were filled with Children’s Bible hour “tapes” (remember…tapes?) and Patch the Pirate. We probably had all the CBH tapes, and most of Patch…at that time. So their minds were filled with things that taught them good character….the Word of God. We spent more time listening to these stories and songs than anything else! Gospel music, and some classical, is all they ever heard in our home, and that is their conviction today!

These few things, dear Moms, I believe had much…most to do with the shaping and molding of our children in who they are today and I just felt this is what the Lord wanted me to share (as now, I’m sure I fit the category of the aged women) And you may think it harsh, sorta roll your eyes, think them deprived…because they truly didn’t have NEAR as many toys as children do today. We just couldn’t afford many “things”. But no harm done.

How DID they turn out you say? First let me say they are by no means perfect…and certainly not above falling…..but for the grace of God…..

Our oldest, a girl, is the mother of 6 boys….homeschooling mom. She can play the piano and she often sings solos in church.

Our second, our son, is Youth leader in our church, a preacher. He can play the piano as well and also the guitar.

Our youngest, a girl, is a Pastor’s wife, mother of 2 boys and 2 girls…homeschooling mom also. She, too plays the piano and sings, and even gives piano lessons.

Each of them has a spouse who I believe wholly loves the Lord, too.

My family is a tremendous blessing to my heart~

I know these are very simple things, especially with all that is available to kids today. My advice….monitor closely. Keep Godliness before your children. There’s SO very much opposition by the devil against the family. He wants nothing more than to have your child’s heart…and it can happen in such a subtle way…it won’t be easily seen. We are entrusted with their very souls, so we must do all that is within our power to point them to Him.

I have….. no greater joy…..

May you, sweet Mom, be able to one day say …”My children….walk in truth.”


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