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Love From My Boys

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My boys have been trying to find ways to earn money. They need around $20 to buy a certain fish and tank they want. They have been asking me for things they can do and I have enjoyed the extra help! Yesterday, my room was a mess. We have traveled so much recently that my room had just gotten out of hand. They asked me if they could clean my room for $3. I said, “Yes!” So, they spent all evening cleaning my bedroom!

What I did not know, was that they took video footage and made their own home video…just for me. I asked their permission to share and they said, “Sure!” They are crazy and all of their work was so cute. I felt loved…but I think they were a little more in love with the idea of finally having enough money! Either way…love was flowing last night!

Since it is close to Valentine’s, I decided this month to share a little love from the Reagan home! (By the way, when you hear the request at the end of this video, my answer was yes!) They won my heart through this one!

Enjoy…and have a wonderful Valentine’s with your loved ones!



Author: Alicia Reagan

In March of 2009, while expecting my 6th baby, I contracted Transverse Myelitis - a rare illness that left me paralyzed from my ribs down. It has changed my life in many horrible and wonderful ways. I love to talk about it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. It is always raw and real around here as I share my work in advocacy and accessibility, my heart for the spiritual lessons learned, my music that speaks my soul, and my love for my home and family. Welcome.

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