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My Life Is Like A Book

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When I was a teenager,  I remember my sweet Grandma sharing some words of wisdom with me.  She told me that life is much like a book. You are faced with different “chapters” in your life.  It can be frightening and difficult to enter a new chapter, or to close an old one, but each chapter is unique and important, and with God’s help, can be good.  I have thought of this often as I have moved into new “chapters” of my life – college, marriage, motherhood, and more.

Several years later, I wanted to write something for a special young woman who was graduating high school.  I thought of my Grandma’s words, and wrote this poem.  I hope it will be a blessing, and perhaps a challenge, to someone today.


“…we spend our years as a tale that is told.” – Ps. 90:9


My life is like a book composed of many different chapters,

The lines I write within each one determine what comes after.


My book began before my birth. God formed me by His plan,

And in His book my members were recorded by His hand.


My early chapters, most were penned by those God placed around me ~

Parents, teachers, loved ones ~ to influence and surround me.


In the chapter of my youth, my story begins growing.

This is the portion of my life where I will do much sowing.


Will I be wise, and think about the harvest I will reap?

Or will I live just for today, and pleasures that I seek?


What kind of story will I tell within this book I’m writing ~

A tragedy, a comedy, boring, or exciting?


Will it be a saga of a life well-lived for God,

Or a tale of grief and caution of the sinful paths I’ve trod?


Who will be the author of each paragraph and line?

Will the penman that I seek be human or divine?


Will I use God’s precious Book to guide me in my ways?

And will I let the mind of Christ reflect in every phrase?


Will I accept the things God brings into my earthly story ~

Some of joy, and some of pain ~ but each to bring Him glory?


As a chapter closes, will I choose to dwell in sorrow,

Or will I choose to focus on the one that starts tomorrow?


Will my book be long or short? I cannot know the end,

But I must realize that each page could be the last I pen.


My book is being written, but it’s also being read,

By those who’ve seen the things I’ve done, and heard the things I’ve said.


Lord, write my book in such a way ~ each line, each page, each chapter,

Each character, each circumstance, each time of tears and laughter ~


So that the readers of my book will see, not me, but You.

And may Your grace, Your love, Your joy shine radiantly through. 

© Niki Lott.

Author: Niki Lott

Christian, wife, mom, homemaker, daughter, sister, wife, pianist, writer...

One thought on “My Life Is Like A Book

  1. Amazing poem, I was just writing something similar. Brought a tear to my eye. 🙂

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