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Feeling Blue?

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Feeling Blue LpbjFeeling blue?

If it is a “blue” day, make it a beautifully blue day!

Here are a few ideas you can try to brighten your shade of blue!

  • Birdwatch. ~ Enjoy the nature God has put in your own yard. Mr. Bluebird (pictured above) visits my yard daily. It is fun to see him swoop past the window causing us to run for the camera. =)
  • Boil an egg. ~ Or broil chicken. Or make peanut butter toast. Or tuna fish sandwiches.  In other words, eat some protein for some extra energy.
  • Burn a scented candle. ~ Or diffuse some oils. Or put some cinnamon & vanilla in a pot on the stove for some aromatherapy.
  • Box up unneeded items. ~ Decluttering empowers!
  • Brew coffee or tea. ~ Take a few minutes to sit down to enjoy a cup.
  • Bake something delicious. ~ Creating a recipe for the family can be fun.
  • Beautify yourself. ~ Take time to feel good about yourself. Simply fixing hair or changing attire can motivate us to accomplish something.
  • Bathe. ~ Plan a hot bath with epsom salts or essential oils or bubbles when you can fit one in.
  • Breathe. ~ Step outside and breathe God’s air. Feel the breeze… or the humidity. Getting out of the house literally can help immensely.
  • Break out a sweat. ~ Bike. Ball. Walk. Garden. Exercise.
  • Browse. ~ Get your creativity flowing by browsing ideas for your God given interests or callings.
  • Book it. ~ Read encouraging words.
  • Buy some fresh flowers. ~ Find a good place to buy a small bouquet to brighten your home. Set them in clear view.
  • Blare inspirational music. ~ Not really blare it… but play for all to hear music that honors God and turns our thoughts toward Him.
  • Bury fears and doubts. ~Pray. Ask God to strengthen you with Truth.
  • Brag on God. ~ Think on His goodness to you. Write it down. Tell others.
  • Bless others. ~ A kind word, a surprise, a note, a text, an email, a gift, a visit, a meal, a snack, a smile… go a long way! Encourage not only those outside our homes, but especially those we love most.
  • Believe the Bible. ~ Sometimes, this is the ONLY way to turn our gray blue feelings to bright blue ones. Find a promise in God’s Word to cling to. There is always hope in God. If the day is chaotic, work on quoting and memorizing a verse with the children at lunch… or at any time.

Mr. Bluebird brought on all these “B” Blue Brighteners. I hope you will try some of these, and also share some of your own ideas with us.

Have a beautiful day no matter what shade it began in! ♥ Jeri Lynn


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