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Ponderings of Plastic Army Men and Fuzzy Fruit Gummies

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For those of you out there who have no children yet this post will probably not interest you (or scare you from having children at all 😉 ).  As you know, I have five little blessings. Five wonderful little mess makers.  Five ever-starving, hollow-legged human food disposals.  Five continually growing bean stalks.  When did life get so crazy?  When did it get so out of control???

I look at mothers with MULTIPLE (and by that I mean more than what I have) kids and I wonder, how in the world did they do it when their kids were small?  Now that some of their kids are older they have built-in help but when the children were small how did they do it?  

Sometimes I feel like I’m going absolutely insane.  I get tired of stepping on little plastic army men and injuring myself, I’m tired of finding fuzzy fruit gummies in my couch, and diapers that don’t hold their promised weight in “gold”.  My mountain of laundry never ends (clean and not clean!) and it seems like the more I do the more that has to be done.  I love my children and I love the idea of having more but sometimes I question my own sanity! 🙂  Some days I’m a referee and it’s those days that I soooooooooooo look foward to bed time.  I try to find little moments to enjoy every day no matter how bad the day has been.  

Sometimes our best laid plans are often completely wrecked by one little thing.  I find that I absolutely can’t get anywhere early anymore.  Just when I think we’ll be leaving on time there’s a putrid smell that fills the air and then five minutes later we’re on the road.  I say to people that the day I change my last diaper we shall have a big party to celebrate. 🙂  

I know I need more organization but where do I find the time to get organized in the first place?  Do any of you have any tips or hints that you’ve found in your years of parenting that would be words of wisdom? If I could give any new mother a helpful hint it would be to have healthy organizational habits in place before ever having kids.

There are days that I sit back and tell the Lord, “I know a clean house is next to Godliness and all that but Lord I’m spending so much time trying to keep things clean that my kids are growing up and I’m missing it.”  Do you ever feel like that?  Like everything you do all day is in vain because tomorrow its just going to be a disaster area again? While its good to do your best I think God understands that those dishes will still be there when the kids go to bed and that you are fully entitled to a tickle match or story time with your little darlings.  

I think as moms its good to prioritize but also be realistic.  Quit trying to be the perfect mom.  You’ll be the best mom you can with God’s help but perfection will always be  an arm’s length away so stop killing yourself to reach it.  We are so jealous of those moms that seem to have everything under control.  Want to know their secret?  Those moms are just good at the ILLUSION of perfect motherhood.  More and more I am coming to believe that there is no such thing as our ideal mother.  Was your mother perfect?  Did you always have freshly ironed underwear in your drawer?  Was there NEVER a ring in the bathtub?  You NEVER had to pull a piece of clothing out of the laundry and wear it because all the rest of your stuff was located high on Mount Washmore?  There was always a hot meal ready at lunch AND dinner every day?  Your mom always came to wake you up in the morning for school with perfectly coiffed hair and a crisp dress with pearls on?  Keep in mind that no one is a June Cleaver and if she appears to be, just know that right before you showed up her kid had a diaper blow out that would make a hazardous waste professional cringe, she just put a bandaid on her foot from stepping on a plastic army man (may he rest in peace) and  somewhere there’s a fuzzy, hair covered fruit gummy under a piece of furniture.


Author: Amanda Snyder

I'm a stay-at-home mother of five little blessings. I am the wife of THE greatest man on earth! I love my Lord, my family, and my church. Crafty things are my hobbies and I am a newly minted Pinterest addict.

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