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The Secret of Togetherness

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes my children drive me absolutely crazy! So many times, I want to push them aside so I can “get something done,” only to be sorry for all the things my children “undo” as I’m working. It’s like trying to wash the car during a hailstorm… it just doesn’t happen!

But the other day, my two boys were outside helping their daddy, and my almost three-year-old daughter was “helping” me in the kitchen. She really loves to help out, and is so excited and sweet that I can hardly tell her no. She can pour ingredients into a bowl, and she can stir. She can put away the cups out of the dishwasher, and also the plastic cooking and baking utensils. She can get things out of the fridge or the cabinet, when I point them out to her.

Even though, my kitchen work was a little slower, it was much more productive in the long run. 1. She wasn’t making any messes in another room. 2. She was actually learning to help Mommy, and beginning to learn to keep a kitchen.

The secret is togetherness.

As I pondered on that thought, I was reminded of God’s Word, and how we are commanded, and how God desires for us to have togetherness with Him.

I don’t know how many times I have to be reminded to spend time with God. It is the answer to everything!

Short-tempered? Get in God’s Word!

Scared, and in need of comfort? God’s Word has that comfort!

Unsure of what to do? Needing answers? God’s Word has that too!

Just as our children need to be with us to learn, and to stay out of messes, so we need to spend time with God. He can teach us and guide us along the way. Being with Him will give us direction, and comfort, and also keep Him from having to keep undoing the messes we create while in His absence.

The secret is togetherness. Our children need to learn alongside us, just as we need to learn alongside God. Every day.


One thought on “The Secret of Togetherness

  1. What a great reminder! My 4 year old and 2 year old daughters are great helpers to me just like your daughter… I just wish I would remember that sometimes even though it’s more work to work with them, it is definitely more profitable like you pointed out.

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