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The Big, White, Shopping Bag

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I want to share one of my most fond Christmas memories.

My daddy worked at what was known in this area as “The Hosiery Mill”. Every year at Christmas he would take me there….we would walk up to a counter and daddy would hand a ticket to the man behind the counter. My excitement grew as the man reached behind him and handed me a big, white shopping bag.

On the entire front and back of the bag was a huge Santa Claus face. Inside…..O, Inside was FILLED with toys! (with some candy, nuts and fruit on the bottom) Now, these toys were what we might call today, “Dollar Tree” toys, but I loved them! I didn’t get a huge amount of gifts for Christmas, but plenty, I’m sure, but I always looked forward to this huge bag of toys!

This wonderful memory, along with many others, becomes more precious as time goes on. My daddy passed away 10 years ago…my mom is in a nursing home, and though she lives, her memory is “passing away”. I miss “her”. I do enjoy talking to her SO very much, but the time of her being my Mom is fading as I speak to her as if she were a child much of the time.

I appreciate so much the fact that my parents took me to church and made me do right.

So love, cherish, and enjoy your family….we never know what tomorrow holds….. as we rejoice this Christmas season in remembering our Lord’s  birth. HE IS the reason!

Merry Christmas!

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