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Thank the Lord for Pick Me Ups

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We’ve ALL have those days…

Maybe you were up all night with a little one, or two.  Maybe you were constantly running to the doctor for an ill child & there seemed to be no answers. Maybe you started the day with high hopes of accomplishing everything on your never-ending to do list & then the house became a disaster behind you one room at a time & you become discouraged & frustrated. Maybe a little one poured a whole container of glitter in the playroom & it was EVERYWHERE & you didn’t even begin to know where to start cleaning up (true story). Maybe you were taking care of sick kids all day. Maybe you actually had an attempt to cook dinner…and burnt it. Oopsie! Maybe you have little ones that cry The list could go on…


I know for me, I’ve been at some exhausting, most discouraging days as a mother & feeling either all alone or that I can’t do one thing right. Praise the Lord for pick me ups from friends that show “I care.” “I’m here.” “I haven’t forgotten about you.” “You’re doing a great job.”

Recently, a friend knew that my little boy was so sick for a couple of weeks & to this day, she will NEVER know how much her text meant to me. She said “let me know what I can get you from Starbucks & I’ll swing it by.” IT MADE MY DAY & there was something that refreshed me from the encouragement that she cared. Bless her sweet heart, she dropped one of her girls off from school, ran to Starbucks with the other wee little ones & then brought it over in the pouring rain. She stopped at the door & listened to me & I just wanted to hug her. What a help she was to me that day.


It doesn’t have to be anything big, it doesn’t even have to cost anything. A text or a quick email when God puts that friend on your heart can cheer up any day! Let them know you’re praying for them. Cards are great too & I know that has been something that has meant the world to me when I’ve gotten one in the mailbox from a friend. You may never, ever fully know what a help that can be to a tired, discouraged mother. Maybe the Lord will use you to encourage that dear Mother who’s hurting, or stressed, or tired.


Let’s encourage one another in the new year!


Joyfully Serving Him,


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